Intuicom connects Wavetronix detectors to a Florida county’s traffic management system


Intuicom, one of the leading developers and suppliers of wireless communication systems to the ITS market, has been able to deliver connectivity to a traffic management system in Florida, where others had failed.

Collier County, Florida, is deploying Intuicom’s EB-6 PLUS wireless transceivers as the communications foundation supporting the Collier County Traffic Operations’ (CCTO) Wavetronix traffic vehicle detection system. By overcoming challenges that no one else was able to resolve, Intuicom demonstrated accurate and reliable data transfer from the Wavetronix SmartSensor radar detection sensors to the county’s fiber-optic transportation network, which is key to promoting the safety and efficiency of the county’s roadway network.

Intuicom’s EB-6 PLUS is a long-range, high-speed industrial wireless transceiver enabling both IP and serial connectivity. The EB-6 PLUS provides remote serial and IP data connectivity to IP-based networks, enabling high-performance data transport, positioning and access for fixed or mobile operations. Providing Ethernet and dual serial port connectivity simultaneously, the EB-6 PLUS offers a single solution to a broad range of applications. With greater bandwidth and its simple interface, the EB-6 PLUS is flexible enough to support legacy serial, as well as the most current IP devices. Consistent with Intuicom’s other transceivers, the EB-6 PLUS is multifunctional and may be operated as the access point, end-point, repeater or endpoint/repeater in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications.

Installed above the ground without affecting traffic flow, Wavetronix’s SmartSensor HD is the only radar traffic detector that offers true high definition. At 245MHz, it operates at five times the bandwidth of other sensors, which operate at bandwidths of 45MHz or 49MHz, for greater resolution, a more stable signal and even greater accuracy. The two beams generated by SmartSensor transmit parallel to each other, providing highly accurate speed measurements and more precise vehicle classifications. Easier to deploy and maintain than in-road detectors, SmartSensors can quickly be replaced or reconfigured to accommodate roadway changes.

“Collier County discovered first-hand the reliance it had on a reliable wireless communications network,” said Tom Foley, president and CEO of Intuicom. “Where other vendors’ radios failed to deliver the connectivity Collier County required, our experience in integrating Wavetronix products and technology with our broad portfolio of wireless solutions demonstrated our ability to provide reliable data transportation where other technologies fall short.”

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