Florida to use new platform for integration of video and data systems


The Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Transportation System Management & Operations (TSM&O) Central Office is launching its new Data Integration and Video Aggregation System (DIVAS), which represents the latest advancement in the integration and management of actionable, real-time traffic and travel information.

DIVAS will be FDOT’s first centralized data hub for the aggregation, fusion and dissemination of near real-time transportation information, and live streaming video. The system will be used internally by the Department to better support Regional Transportation Management Centers (RTMC), and by other state agencies, the statewide traveler information service (FL511) and authorized external third parties.

DIVAS consists of two primary subsystems: a Data Integration (DI) Subsystem and Video Aggregation (VA) Subsystem. The DI Subsystem will collect and integrate transportation and related transport-impacting data from numerous designated sources, and integrate that data for internal and external dissemination and consumption. The VA Subsystem will aggregate live streaming video from FDOT and external agency cameras for distribution using ubiquitous, modern video streaming technologies, so that video is made available to users regardless of their specific location or device platform.

Initially, the DI Subsystem will decouple the data received from SunGuide ATMS software deployments from Florida’s Next Generation FL511 System, and absorb its Third Party Data Feed Service. The DI Subsystem will use existing SunGuide Center-to-Center (C2C) interfaces to obtain data. The DI Subsystem will include data structures for SunGuide, the National Weather Service (NWS), roadway weather information systems (RWIS), truck parking systems and connected vehicles, including basic safety messages and traveler information messages.

DIVAS will aggregate all data and video at the District 5 RTMC for integration and dissemination. Live streaming video and SunGuide data will be obtained using FDOT’s ITS WAN, with video being processed and distributed to end users by several Wowza Media Engine instances running on FDOT’s private cloud infrastructure. The NG FL511 System will use the VA Subsystem to provide the public with access to live streaming video through the FL511 website and mobile app.

To make live streaming video available as soon as possible, the project has been reorganized into two phases, with the first phase being the rapid design and deployment of the VA Subsystem. The private cloud infrastructure required to host video streaming capabilities has been ordered, and video streaming capabilities are expected to be operational this fall, with the implementation of the DI Subsystem expected to be operational by spring 2018.

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