BlueSignal signs MOU with CarForce to help it enter the USA marketplace


Korean company BlueSignal, which has developed an AI-based system capable of predicting future traffic conditions, will soon be entering the USA market due to a collaboration with CarForce, a California-based telematics company.

A member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Center, the Korean government’s innovation agency, BlueSignal has signed an MOU with CarForce to help it secure a foothold in the US market. CarForce uses connected telematics devices to provide car-related data in real-time and is currently collaborating with AT&T and Hella Ventures. With the signing of the MOU, BlueSignal expects to achieve an even higher accuracy rate for its predictions of future traffic conditions based on the real-time vehicle data provided by CarForce’s cloud-connected on-board units (OBUs). Conversely, CarForce will be able to add BlueSignal’s data on diverse future traffic conditions to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) vehicle information, resulting in a productive collaboration that is beneficial to both parties.

BlueSignal’s Predictive Driving technology analyzes the data collected from various sources, such as real-time traffic, vehicles and road infrastructure, and predicts future traffic conditions based on its unique machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) engine. Unlike existing sensor-based forecasting solutions, the system’s main advantage is that it uses a combination of ML- and AI-based algorithms and transportation theories with big data analytics with traffic engineering elements that can generate appropriate solutions for reducing congestion and accidents, with a high prediction accuracy. The company’s adaptive traffic management software algorithm can:

Predict traffic conditions from two hours to two days into the future; Link the information to wireless communication systems embedded in vehicles to alert drivers of alternative routes that may save time and may be less congested with less risk of accidents; Control traffic signals to improve the flow of traffic.

BlueSignal is currently: trialling the technology with Shenzhen Municipal Government in China; negotiating an investment with ITS Austria; and considering a collaborative project with Pantonium, a Canadian company that provides a dynamic routing platform for public and private vehicle fleets.

“Our technology, which can predict traffic conditions up to 2km [1.2 miles] ahead of a car, is being actively sought by foreign automakers, distributors and governments of major countries, and is now becoming increasingly recognized for its effectiveness,” noted BlueSignal’s CEO Jason Baik. “Our MOU with CarForce will enable us not only to enter the US market in earnest, but also to do our part in terms of giving back to society, by making our predictive driving technology publicly available.”


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