Traffic Technology launches new pedestrian and cycle counting system


Traffic monitoring systems supplier Traffic Technology has announced the launch of a new counting system, which differentiates between pedestrians and cycles on shared paths.

According to the company, the “permanently-installed” system – called Eco Urban MULTI – is ideal for identifying trends in cycle and pedestrian use over time. The system can also measure the direction of travel.

Urban MULTI combines the PYRO passive infrared sensor and ZELT inductive loops, while the SmartConnect subsystem counts and classifies each road user and is optimised to count large groups of pedestrians and cyclists. Its high degree of accuracy makes it ideal for high volume multi-user paths, Traffic Technology noted.

Although the Urban MULTI is ideal for counting pedestrians and cyclists on shared paths, the system can also be configured in the manufacturing process to count and classify users occupying different spaces, such as pedestrians on sidewalks and cyclists on a cycle lane adjacent to the sidewalk.

Richard Toomey, managing director of Traffic Technology, said, “The Urban MULTI can be installed unobtrusively in an urban or rural area to provide highly accurate data in all weather conditions, enabling planners to prepare reports on individual multi-user routes.”

Other benefits of the new system include seamless data transmission to software; automatic 3G/GSM data transmission option; battery powered, with a two-year battery life; and complete system housed in waterproof, vandal-proof galvanised steel housing, meaning it works in all weather conditions.

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