Vitronic to deploy over 500 traffic enforcement systems in Morocco


German speed and red-light camera systems manufacturer Vitronic has secured a contract with the Kingdom of Morocco for the delivery of over 500 traffic control systems as part of the country’s national strategy for road safety in the region.

The Roadway Security Department of Morocco’s Ministry of Equipment has awarded Vitronic with the new contract for the delivery, installation, and maintenance of over 500 speed and red-light enforcement systems, along with the back-office software for the violations processing center. This will be the first time that laser-based systems are used to strengthen the country’s traffic enforcement network and improve road safety. The Vitronic group will implement the project with its local partner, Alomra Group International, a Morocco-based engineering consultancy.

Relying on the company’s PoliScan product family, the laser-based camera systems will be deployed in 12 regions across the country together with their major metropolises, such as Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakesh, for fixed speed enforcement, average speed enforcement, and the monitoring of traffic light-controlled intersections. The latest laser-based PoliScan speed measuring equipment will broaden the country’s existing enforcement system infrastructure to help improve road safety effectively. Vitronic will install the measurement equipment in its Compact City Housing platform on a large scale throughout the country, with the systems enforcing traffic from an elevated position of up to 10 feet (3m) in height.

In addition to the roadside equipment, Vitronic will also supply the back-office software for case data processing. Captured offenses will be processed at the data center in the capital city of Rabat. The new software will be integrated into the customer’s existing environment. The Vitronic Group will also equip and staff four service locations in the country to cover the demand for on-site services. An initial three-year maintenance agreement is also an integral part of the contract.

According to officially shared information, the Kingdom wants to reduce the number of traffic accidents by 50% by 2026. Traffic monitoring and speed control are key components of this strategy and both the government and citizens have been eagerly awaiting improvements to the current traffic and road management system. The project kicked off at the beginning of January, with the goal of rolling out all traffic monitoring and enforcement systems within two years.

“We are very pleased that our systems will contribute significantly to the country’s national traffic safety strategy,” commented Youssef El Hansali, chief executive officer of Vitronic’s MENA (Middle-East and North Africa) subsidiary. “This comprehensive project contract plays an important role in our company’s strategic focus on the North African market. With the local team at our subsidiary, Vitronic LLC, and our partner, Alomra, we are ideally positioned to support our customers in Morocco.”

Images supplied by Vitronic/Gröpper 

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