Sensys Networks piloting app-based bicycle detection system in California


One of the USA’s leading providers of integrated wireless traffic detection and data systems for the transportation industry, Sensys Networks, has launched a new smartphone-based system that gives cyclists the equivalent of a ‘green wave’ at intersections.

Sensys Networks has released the Beta-version of GiveMeGreen!, an innovative new smartphone app for advanced bicycle detection at signalized intersections, which is intended to enhance cyclist safety and traffic flow.

The GiveMeGreen! System allows cities to easily tailor the services they want to provide for bicyclists, pedestrians, truck drivers and many other travelers while making use of the common components of the new platform. The initial deployment of the technology is taking place in a pilot program to improve safety for bicyclists and travel convenience for all motorists in Santa Clarita, California. As a leading provider of integrated wireless traffic data systems for use in Smart Cities, Sensys Networks says GiveMeGreen! is the first of many connected and autonomous traveler apps currently being developed by the company.

The system consists of the GiveMeGreen! smartphone app that allows the bicyclist using the app to be automatically detected up to 300ft (91m) in advance of the intersection. Once detected, the traffic signal applies the normal pedestrian-crossing signal timing function. This will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to use the same signal phase and will not cause any delay for motorists.
There are also new signs that illuminate only when bicyclists or pedestrians are detected to warn turning motorists on Soledad Canyon that bicycles or pedestrians will be crossing the intersection during the next green light.

Finally, the system includes a bicycle-only light at each intersection along the city’s bike trail that confirms to the cyclist that they have been detected. Although it uses the company’s FlexConnect and FlexControl products, the pilot system demonstrates the flexibility of the Sensys Networks platform, as it integrates with other third-party signs and city traffic controllers.
“This free app will greatly benefit both bicyclists and motorists by providing better information about the presence of bikes at these intersections,” said Cesar Romo, chief traffic signal system administrator for the City of Santa Clarita. “GiveMeGreen! not only improves safety, but also improves the ride experience for Santa Clarita’s legions of bicyclists with automatic and reliable advance detection.”

Amine Haoui, CEO of Sensys Networks, commented, “We are delighted to be working with the City of Santa Clarita on this pilot program. GiveMeGreen! allows cities to easily tailor the services they want to provide for bicyclists, pedestrians, truck drivers and many other travelers while leveraging the common components of this platform.

“This infrastructure-to-everything (I2X) system for connected and autonomous travelers will improve safety, decrease congestion and improve the travel experience for many different types of connected travelers.”

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