New vehicle threat-detection technology to reduce traffic disruption at borders


Israeli vehicle inspection technology company UVeye has developed a new system that can check for threats at border crossings and other critical check points without the traffic disruptions caused by traditional security methods.

UVeye has developed threat-detection technology that for the first time can instantly identify bombs, weapons, drugs and other security threats concealed in the undercarriage of new or unfamiliar vehicles. The company’s UV Inspect software provides law enforcement agencies and security professionals with the ability to automatically pinpoint threats on vehicles that are not in security databases, offering an entirely new level of protection. Previously in use with a select number of UVeye clients, the company’s UV Inspect technology will now be available to border agency and security-industry customers worldwide.

UVeye’s inspection systems are currently deployed at hundreds of high-security locations throughout the world and have generated millions of vehicle scans at border crossings, vehicle check points, hotel entrances and other commercial locations. When equipped with the now widely available UV Inspect, the company’s undercarriage inspection systems can automatically scan and detect threats on any type of vehicle using proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), deep-learning and machine-learning technologies. Originally introduced in 2016, UVeye’s undercarriage threat-detection systems can scan vehicles traveling up to 25mph (35km/h), helping to improve traffic flow at check points and border crossings, even in extreme weather conditions.

UV Inspect joins an arsenal of UVeye detection technologies that includes UV Compare, a deep-learning system that monitors repeat traffic trends to identify changes that might indicate a threat or issues of concern. UVeye also offers license-plate recognition (LPR) systems as an added feature to monitor check-point traffic or to support entrance-management at hotels, banks and other high-security or sensitive locations. The company provides stationary and mobile versions of its threat-detection systems. Because of high-speed image processing, operators have access to a fully scanned image of a vehicle’s undercarriage for evaluation within seconds.

“UV Inspect takes vehicle-security inspection to an entirely new level,” said Amir Hever, UVeye’s CEO. “The wider release of UV Inspect provides our customers with the ‘first pass’ ability they need to identify threats on vehicles that have never been scanned or entered into a security-system database. Our newest generation of deep-learning technology can detect within seconds a wide variety of threats, including explosives, firearms, illegal drugs, or other contraband. Compared to traditional vehicle-security methods, our drive-through mobile and stationary inspection systems also ensure security without disrupting traffic.”



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