Tier brings upgraded e-scooter with greater visibility to London


Micro-mobility provider Tier will introduce its next-generation scooter to London streets later this month. Tier says the new model has features to support safety and inclusivity, especially for those affected by sight loss.

The new features include more Tier colouring to make the scooter easier to identify, a particularly bright light, and upgraded indicators offering 360° visibility which will enhance rider visibility to other road users when signalling their direction of travel. The new model also has three independent brakes, grippy handlebars and wider, larger tyres.

Tier e-scooters already have a very large front wheel, a wider foot plate, dual suspension, a double kick-stand and dual drum brakes for stable riding on uneven surfaces and conditions.

The new advanced model follows the partnership with UCL’s PEARL research facility to develop a ‘universal sound’ for e-scooters to alert pedestrians and other roads users of their approach. The new model will allow Tier to test the sound solution on the street, as part of a collaborative project with all London operators, and will follow planned extensive engagement with disability experts, including one of the UK’s leading visual impairment charities, Thomas Pocklington Trust.

The latest Tier model, which has a service life of over five years, will replace the company’s current UK fleet which will be used in other markets.

Georgia Yexley, general manager of Tier UK and Ireland, says: “By upgrading our fleet in a sustainable way, we are building a long-term network of green transport options, allowing our users to play an active part in cutting carbon, improving air quality and building better cities.”

“It is clear Tier is listening to the concerns raised by pedestrians who are blind and partially sighted and is working to address these and further improve safety,” said Jacqui Thomas, engagement manager at the Thomas Pocklington Trust. “As a Londoner navigating the streets with a visual impairment I have been concerned about the visibility of e-scooters, however, TIER’s newest e-scooter model has greater visibility than before, with recognisable and contrasting colours, and their ID plates continuing to display black text against a bright yellow background at the front and rear. Contact information to report irresponsible behaviour or faults is clearly displayed in white on a black background too.”

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