Fluidtime and SkedGo show integrated MaaS technologies at ITS European Congress


At last week’s ITS European Congress in Eindhoven (Netherlands) Austrian software company Fluidtime and Australia-based developer SkedGo presented a joint portfolio of two Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) technologies that aim to take the multimodal transportation concept to the next level.

Part of the Kapsch Group, Fluidtime has integrated SkedGo’s award-winning multi and mixed modal routing platform into its own mobility technology platform, with the goal of better servicing more complex MaaS ecosystems across cities and regions. Combined with SkedGo’s various front-end solutions and Fluidtime’s business management tool for account, user and tariff management of the apps, this results in the largest MaaS product range of this kind. SkedGo’s mobility platform offers a high level of customization, scalability and can be hyper-localized with all available transport options in a specific region. The platform can combine all public, commercial and private transport modes into smart trip chains, with priority settings for time, carbon-savings, money and convenience, while also allowing for wheelchair and bicycle-friendly routing.

SkedGo’s technology has now been coupled with Fluidtime’s FluidHub platform, which provides cities, public transport companies and commercial MaaS operators with a comprehensive tool set for highly scalable implementation and operation of their integrated mobility services. Urban and regional authorities can use FluidHub to orchestrate their B2B MaaS ecosystem to meet current traffic needs in both urban and rural areas. The Fluidtime MaaS platform features:

  • Integration and standardization layer for transport services, booking and payment services;
  • Support of a multitude of interfaces and standards for the integration of transport offers;
  • Tailor-made configuration options, such as for the introduction of on-demand traffic services, including first/last mile solutions, or for apps in the area of corporate mobility;
  • Configurable mobility packages for subscription models;
  • Monitoring of KPIs and detailed reporting on the demand for mobility services (modal split, time, location, duration, etc.) for data-based regulation and influencing of transport networks.

The FluidHub platform technology can also be supplemented with a comprehensive commercial back office for clearing, invoicing and CRM, as well as a white label app with information, intermodal routing, booking, account, different payment modes, and reports.

MaaS thrives on integration. We need a strong network in the MaaS ecosystem and partnerships at eye level,” said Michael Kieslinger, CEO and founder of Fluidtime. “With our unique offering of MaaS solutions, we bring you future mobility today. We help our customers and partners integrate, standardize and combine transport data into new and comprehensive offerings, increasing quality and spurring competition within the market. Together with SkedGo, we connect cities and regions to make MaaS a reality.”

Claus von Hessberg, CEO and founder of SkedGo, said, MaaS offerings must seamlessly combine multiple capabilities to deliver superior user experiences and operational efficiencies. SkedGo and Fluidtime have complimentary platforms, which can deliver a much wider and more comprehensive product range to customers. It accelerates our clients’ MaaS agenda, to deliver complete solutions and excellent UX sooner. Our routing algorithm is currently best-in-class and together with Fluidtime’s expertise in business management tools, it’s quite the game changer.”

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