New platform for maps, location and navigation services is launched


Netherlands-based Magic Lane (formally known as Route 66) has launched a new software platform for maps, location and navigation services, including software development kits (SDKs). The platform combines a large amount of qualitative map and data sources with smart algorithms, enabling companies to quickly and efficiently build personalized services for their customers.

 The platform leverages Open Street Maps and some 2,000 other open-source map resources and live data resources. It can easily be integrated with vehicle and driver data, including traffic data, weather data, air quality data and personal vehicle, fitness and performance data. Personalized route and navigation solutions have been created using various SDKs, which can also be used offline.

Magic Lane focuses on companies within the bicycle and micromobility market in Europe. The market for bicycles and micromobility is growing rapidly, partly due to sustainability developments. Magic Lane’s smart algorithms enable companies to keep up with that growth and quickly meet the increasingly complex demands of end users. This includes services in maps, location and navigation services for cyclists, city cyclists, gravel cyclists and mountain (e)bikers, as well as delivery and courier services.

“The optimal route changes when the cyclist’s weight is combined with, for example, information about the landscape and the amount of energy available in the bicycle battery,” says Raymond Alves, CEO Magic Lane. “In addition, Magic Lane’s code and architecture are so clean, simple and compact that the software platform requires little processor, energy and storage capacity. This makes it easy to embed in all sorts of devices and means of transport. The complete solution even works on a low-cost platform, such as the Raspberry Pi zero.”

To respond to current developments and further shorten the time-to-market, Magic Lane offers various SDKs. This enables developers to use their own front-end and map styles per operating system – iOS, Android, Javascript, QT, Linux, Flutter and C++.

Privacy is a top priority at Magic Lane. The company’s software complies with European GDPR legislation and the platform’s data centers are located in Europe. Also, users of a final offer built on the Magic Lane platform are always anonymous and remain anonymous. In addition, Magic Lane does not store the generated data and the company does not transfer it either.

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