LeddarTech launches two new solid-state lidar sensors for ITS applications at World Congress


Having previously targeted the autonomous vehicle market, the Canadian developer of high-performance, low-cost solid-state lidar (light detection and ranging) sensor systems LeddarTech has launched two new units for traffic and tolling applications at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen.

Founded in 2007, LeddarTech’s proprietary and patented solid-state lidar signal processing technology was developed to deliver significant and distinct cost, performance and reliability advantages over the mechanical (rotating) 3D lidar units used by many self-driving vehicles.

While most autonomous vehicles require 3D lidar systems, LeddarTech’s two new low-cost solid-state lidar (SSL) 2D sensing units are capable of both object identification and distance measurement, making them suitable for a variety of electronic tolling and traffic management applications. Based on the patented Leddar technology, the T16 and M16-LSR units aim to improve the performance, reliability and cost efficiency of various ITS applications that rely on highly accurate vehicle detection, profiling and velocity measurements.

The versatile Leddar M16-LSR is a flexible, cost-effective solid-state lidar module that is perfectly adaptable for integration into current and future urban ITS applications. The M16-LSR uses highly efficient laser flash illumination with various field-of-view options and measurement rates of up to 100Hz, making it the ideal sensor for city-speed applications and detecting vehicles passing through highway toll plazas. The unit can differentiate between bicycles, pedestrians, and multiple types and classes of vehicle, making it suitable for a variety of ITS applications, including free-flow electronic tolling classification, gated access control systems, and height warning systems.

The T16 traffic sensor unit is a powerful, reliable lidar solution for free-flow tolling, traffic monitoring, and law enforcement applications. Packaged in a weatherproof IP67 housing, the solid-state lidar sensor is specifically designed for traffic management systems, from city to highway applications. With a measurement rate of 200Hz, the Leddar T16 offers highly accurate detection and profiling of high-speed vehicles, as well as other types of traffic, such as bicycles and pedestrians, in any environmental conditions.

Using an industry-standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection, the T16 measures both the distance and angular positioning for each detected target. Its collected data enables the development of advanced ITS functionalities, such as vehicle profiling, camera trigger, speed measurement and traffic data collection.

To coincide with the launch of the new devices at the World Congress, LeddarTech has released a white paper, Using Flash Solid-State-lidar to Generate Better Vehicle Profiling Data in E-Tolling Applications. The report:

• Reviews the fundamental challenges and limitations of current sensing technologies used in electronic toll collection (ETC);

• Shows ways to improve vehicle detection, profiling and classification, as well as means to address performance challenges by using the most reliable, high-performance and cost-efficient sensing technology possible;

• Describes the benefits of Flash Solid-state lidar (SSL) sensor technology for ITS, more specifically for vehicle detection, profiling and classification in ETC systems.

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