All Traffic Solutions lunches QueTrak slow and stopped vehicle counting system


One of the leaders in cloud-based traffic management equipment for transportation and law enforcement agencies, All Traffic Solutions, has launched the QueTrak automated vehicle counting system for slow or stopped vehicles.

All Traffic’s new QueTrak is the only fixed or portable non-intrusive vehicle counting system available that accurately counts vehicles whether they are queued, stopped or tailgating. The groundbreaking traffic counting system counts all vehicles in a single lane that are traveling between 0-25mph (0-40km/h).

Unlike other vehicle counting systems on the market, QueTrak uses dual-laser sensing to recognize the space between vehicles, whether they are moving or stationary. The web-enabled system fills the fundamental need of traffic engineers, transportation agencies, parking management, public works departments and urban planners to understand the magnitude of traffic and congestion issues in order to develop solutions, and to make use of data and analytics to alleviate congestion and create long-term solutions.

QueTrak has wide-reaching applications in transportation management including:

• Measuring the flow of traffic at major intersections, work zones, airports and other congested areas;

• Maintaining accurate occupancy counts at airport and station terminal entrances and exits;

• Gauging traffic delay times at bridge, tunnel, gate and tollbooth entrances;

• Diversion of traffic flow in the presence of high traffic volume, road accidents, events and other delays;

• Using data and analytics in near real-time to measure and compare traffic flow for specific days, times and locations, in order to create data-driven solutions.

Available in 12V DC, 100-240V AC, or solar-powered variants, QueTrak features:

• Single lane counting;

• Side or overhead mount, with 100ft (30m) range;

• Simple installation and setup;

• Narrow sensing beam differentiates tailgating vehicles;

• Counting accuracy greater than 95%;

• Determines vehicle direction;

• Ability to sense wrong way vehicles;

• Thresholds for minimum and maximum vehicle detection range to filter out adjacent lanes;

• Thresholds for minimum and maximum vehicle detection time to minimize invalid counts from pedestrians.

As with all All Traffic’s products, Que Trak connects to the company’s TraffiCloud online platform with integrated connectivity via cellular.

“Without an accurate, non-intrusive means of counting queued and stopped traffic, transportation agencies and traffic engineers have been at a severe disadvantage,” said Andy Souders, CTO and SVP of engineering at All Traffic Solutions.

“QueTrak enables them to take proactive steps to manage traffic flow and implement improvements to make roads safer. When used in conjunction with our conditional messaging solutions, they can effectively divert traffic using dynamic messages on variable message signs.”


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