North Texas launches campaign to enhance CAV readiness


The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) has launched a new program that will help local governments plan for transportation-related technologies, including automated and connected vehicles.

The Automated Vehicles 2.0 (AV2.0) program will build on the region’s national leadership in automation and technology and recent public-private partnerships to support its growth and readiness. The AV2.0 program seeks to make mobility planning resources available region-wide, help communities prepare for the implementation of transportation technology and look toward future uses of technology in transportation.

The US$31 million program is divided into three parts: AV2.1, AV2.2 and AV2.3. With the recent launch of the US$1 million ‘Connecting North Texas Communities with Emerging Transportation Technologies’ initiative, also known as AV2.1, NCTCOG will provide short- and long-term planning support to local governments.

The second element, AV2.2 (US$10 million) supports the costs for near-term technology deployments over the next two to four years. For the same timeframe, AV2.3 will make US$20 million available for the implementation of regionally strategic investments.

The AV2.1 planning phase, led by Kittelson & Associates, will provide expertise to local governments interested in preparing for and deploying the technologies. AV2.1 planning support is designed to build a broad base of agency and community understanding of opportunities and communicate ways emerging technologies can be used to address transportation challenges. AV2.1 has four project phases:

• May 2021-August 2021: Gather and assess the region’s future mobility needs
• August 2021-February 2022: Develop and evaluate potential future scenarios
• February 2022-April 2022: Identify best practices and funding opportunities
• April 2022-June 2022: Inform guidance and prepare a final report.

The public is encouraged to participate in the project and share perspectives about the region’s transportation needs and opportunities to address those needs using automated transportation technologies.


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