#ITSA2023: Yunex Traffic launches next-generation traffic controller


At the ITS America Conference & Expo in Grapevine, Texas, this week (April 24-27) Yunex Traffic is introducing its Yutraffic Blade Advanced Traffic Controller Platform to the US market.

The next-generation edge-computing controller has a dual-core processor, powerful enough for all the traffic control applications of today and ready for those of the future.

Its scalable architecture and powerful computing engine simplify complex intersection management and consolidate traffic solutions into a single platform, allowing the system to grow and expand as future technologies are adopted.

The device features a 7in-color touchscreen monitor, hot swappable dual power supplies and customizable analytics stored directly on the controller. It feeds data and device diagnostics to most browser-based interfaces including everything from smart phones to TMC’s. If a site visit is required, the device will provide technicians with predictive maintenance in advance information.

Among its additional capabilities, the Yutraffic Blade can manage CV2X technologies and applications such as pedestrian and wrong way detection, provide travel time, and origin and destination data, using its WiFi capability. It is the only controller on the market that arms traffic engineers with historical intersection data and advanced analytics, allowing them to optimize timing plans without the need for expensive third-party reporting solutions.

Traffic professionals can access detailed analytical information stored on the controller from any browser, allowing traffic engineers to better manage traffic, minimize congestion and ultimately reduce carbon emissions.

The Yutraffic Blade is designed in line with Enterprise Network Security, responding to the growing needs around critical infrastructure and zero-trust environments, making it a traffic control platform that agencies and their IT departments can rely on.

The Yutraffic Blade will be on display at the Yunex Traffic Booth #601 at the ITS America Conference and expo. Yunex Traffic will be demonstrating its advanced capabilities and functionalities including the app store, integration with Yunex Traffic’s, ATMS Studio, Roadside Unit (RSU) and more offering visitors the opportunity to experience how the Yutraffic Blade will change the way traffic is managed for years to come.

“I’ve never been involved with a product that has this kind of potential to change the way traffic is managed,” said Rodney Mathis, president and MD of Yunex Traffic US. “This powerful device is a gamechanger to the industry, and with its expandable and adaptable capabilities, the Yutraffic Blade will be running intersections far into the future.”


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