Sensys Networks launches new multi-source traffic detection system


One of the USA’s leading providers of integrated wireless traffic detection and data systems for the transportation industry, Sensys Networks, has added a new multi-source detection integration system to its FlexSuite product portfolio.

Sensys Networks has announced the immediate availability of its new FlexDetect unit, a stand-alone, in-cabinet traffic detection system that can process inputs from any detection technology including multiple sensor types, induction loops, video, and radar. Easily installed, the resulting data is captured and integrated into the company’s SensTraffic data analytics platform. The unit has a small form factor, 4.3 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches (10.9 x 8.8 x 3cm), an operating range of -40°C to +80°C, and uses DIN or cabinet mounts.

The FlexDetect connects to the EX port on the FlexControl Module or the FlexControl Card (APCC) and to the contact closure outputs of the external detection interfaces. The FlexDetect is powered through the 9-28V DC barrel connector or the EXport. The front panel display shows Rack # (1-4) and the state of the 32 external detectors arranged as two rows of 16 external detectors each: A1-16, B1-16. The Rack # is selected manually by toggling the push-button switch. The company’s TrafficDOT Java application tool is used to configure the External Detectors and download firmware updates. The rear panel includes the connector that interfaces with the contact closure outputs of the external detectors. Sensys Networks provides a custom accessory to interface with the C1S port of a 170/2070 Traffic Controller

For agencies that are migrating their detection to the company’s Wireless Vehicle Detection System (VDS), FlexDetect allows the SensTraffic data analytics platform to use their legacy detection methods during the transition period. The resulting SensTraffic data analytics help traffic engineers and transportation agencies better address their traffic mitigation and management goals.

Acquired earlier this year by TagMaster, the Swedish provider of sensor-based systems for the traffic, tolling, parking and rail industries, Sensys Networks’ SensTraffic suite has been developed to deliver accurate and dependable detection data to drive reductions in urban traffic congestion for partners and public agencies worldwide.

“When it comes to traffic technology, our goal is to improve safety and efficiency with integrated platforms,” said Amine Haoui, CEO of Sensys Networks. “FlexDetect enables greater flexibility and cost savings for agencies, who can now use a single platform to manage their data from all detection methods.”

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