Radar speed signs added to Florida’s APL


The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has added the Shield 12 and Shield 15 radar speed signs from internet-connected traffic management and safety equipment manufacturer All Traffic Solutions (ATS) to its Approved Product List (APL).

This is the first time since 2012 that additions have been made to the APL category for electronic display signs and electronic speed feedback signs. ATS notes that the extensive program of testing and approvals that the Shield 12 and Shield 15 have undergone in recent months provides a resounding endorsement of the systems’ capabilities. The technical expertise and facilities that have existed in Florida for over half a century have led to it becoming one of the USA’s premier testing sites for traffic management systems. For instance, FDOT APL executive team members sit on the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) Technical Committee for product review and evaluation. The testing and accreditation that FDOT carries out on behalf of the NTPEP is automatically honoured by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).











APL testing, in some respects, goes even further and to gain a place on the List is to have met some of the most stringent performance and compliance criteria in the USA. APL inclusion confers several further benefits to successful companies and their products. Seven other state DOTs, Indiana, Kansas, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia, use APL as their purchasing guidelines. A further six, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa and Virginia, will accept APL in addition to their own standards. In addition to the FDOT evaluation, the Shield 12 and Shield 15 signs have been subjected to testing by an accredited third-party testing house. The radar systems’ ability to perform accurately in a variety of environmental conditions was assessed and a certificate of calibration awarded.

The portable Shield 12 and 15 radar-sensed speed indication signs can be used as part of traffic calming and safety strategies designed to address prevailing conditions in real-time. Their portability, durability and patented TraffiCloud web-based connectivity make them ideal for resolving traffic complaints, conducting traffic surveys, and very quickly generating highly detailed ready-made traffic data reports. The Shield 12 and Shield 15 units can not only contribute to safety improvements in the moment; they can also help DOTs and other agencies to better understand how their road networks operate and to plan how to improve conditions and save more lives in the future.

Permanent or portable, the Shield signs can be pole or trailer mounted and operate on a variety of power sources, including AC mains, Lithium battery or solar options. The MUTCD compliant units can be programmed for up to six different modes or speed limits for up to 13 time periods a day. All settings, management and data collection can be performed using the web-based TraffiCloud platform, a Bluetooth-connected PC, or the ATS Mobile Android app.

“We’re very excited to be included on FDOT’s APL,” said ATS’ CEO, Andy Souders. “It underlines the quality, performance and value of our products, and how they can help DOTs, law enforcement and local communities improve safety to progress towards realizing Vision Zero; the eradication of fatalities caused by speeding and unsafe driving.”

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