London’s police to use StarTraq’s back-office traffic enforcement platform


Oxfordshire-based software developer StarTraq has been awarded a contract with the London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to provide the force with its Dome browser-based traffic enforcement system.

Over the last few years, the MPS has invested in the latest enforcement camera technology across London’s road network. To cope with the increased number of speeding and red-light running detections, the Met Police needed to modernize its back-office software platform for the enforcement of camera generated traffic offences. The expansion of the traffic enforcement project is a key part of the ‘Vision Zero’ strategy, set by the London Mayor, Transport for London (TfL) and the MPS, to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on the UK capital’s roads to zero by 2041.

StarTraq’s Dome (Dynamic Offence Management and Enforcement) back office software handles offences captured at any location, either by camera or by an officer, such as moving traffic offences, overstay parking, congestion charge or bus lane contravention. Dome is a browser-based application that:

  • Enables enforcers to load offences from a variety of sources into a secure and user-friendly environment for immediate verification;
  • Uses intuitive tools for generating statistical and bespoke management reports;
  • Manages the workflow of the offence through to its outcome, whether penalty or re-education;
  • Offers a flexible solution that facilitates cost effective remote working, supporting regional collaboration.

Processing traffic offences with Dome is simple, with the flexible online service also able to be used for processing other offences, such as parking violations, civil and environmental offences, and road charging, providing a total enforcement system for Police and Local Authorities.

The process efficiencies achieved through the implementation of the Dome document management system will enable the MPS Traffic Prosecutions team to significantly increase the number of offences being processed without any increase in the current team size. StarTraq notes that over 50% of UK police forces choose the company as their preferred software partner for traffic offence enforcement. The Dome system enables police forces and local authorities to process any offence type regardless of whether it has been generated by a camera, smartphone or paper ticket. The company has enjoyed continuous market share growth and 100% client retention rate in its global police market.

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