Hawa Dawa analysis tool provides interactive reports for traffic planners


Hawa Dawa, a Munich-based cleantech company, has added an interactive ‘traffic reports’ analysis tool to its premium dashboards Plus and Pro. This provides city and traffic planners with detailed information on the correlation of traffic volume, fleet composition and vehicle speed with the measured pollutants.

The’traffic reports’ feature enables the interactive correlation of traffic and air quality data at specific points or on specific relations of the traffic network. The user can configure the report directly in the dashboard by setting parameters for the time, the location, and the analysis intervals. The correlated traffic data can also be examined in detail; for example, certain turning relationships, vehicle types or lanes can be considered in isolation. In this way, the user can obtain more in-depth insights into the connection between traffic and air pollutants at any time and entirely according to his or her requirements.

“The ‘traffic reports’ are another step of Hawa Dawa to apply state-of-the-art technologies to provide user-relevant information,” says Frank Felten, chief product officer. “This new feature has been developed in close cooperation with our customers.”

The ‘traffic report’ feature is now part of all Hawa Dawa Plus and Pro dashboards. The configured analyses are available as a graphic and also as a download of the measured and counted values. The download is particularly suitable if the data is to be further used in the context of common traffic planning and simulation tools (e.g. PTV, Aimsun, Sumo etc.).

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