TRL launches version 10 of its Junctions modeling software


TRL Software has announced the launch of Junctions 10, which incorporates the largest changes to date to its package for modelling roundabouts, priority junctions and simple signalised junctions.

Driven primarily by the goal of eliminating as many gaps in previous Junctions core modeling capabilities as possible, Junctions 10 addresses three areas: modeling, usability and collaboration. Updates include the addition of specific modeling scenarios such as entry/exit only approaches at roundabouts and priority junctions, alongside traffic-calming measures such as chicanes.

Addressing usability, the TRL Software team has revamped its product to provide a more intuitive look and feel. The purchasing of the product has also been simplified through the launch of follow-me licensing where access follows users seamlessly as they move from one device to another.

“User requirements have been analysed over a long period of time, focusing on how people’s working habits are changing,” says Subu Kamal, Head of Product Management at TRL Software. “This has enabled us to develop a new package that features several innovative enhancements and a simplified user process. Analysis has never been so quick and easy.”

Alongside these updates, Junctions 10 is built on a new cloud-based Collaboration Portal, which acts as a personal storage area and offers the ability to share files both internally and externally. This ‘open access’ design enables multiple teams across numerous locations to work together on a project.

Mike Guerin, head of sales for TRL Software, adds: “The level of investment that has gone into this latest version of Junctions is significant. All new capabilities were tested to ensure they meet or exceed users’ needs and align with their processes. Designed in collaboration with our Technical Review Programme, we want this partnership to continue and invite users to contribute actively to our Ideas Portal to inform future developments.”

Junctions has been a core product for TRL Software for over 30 years and is based around three core modules: ARCADY (for the assessment of roundabouts), PICADY (for isolated priority junctions) and OSCADY (for isolated signal-controlled junctions). Older iterations of the software have separated these three modules, with Version 9.5 the first to bring them together into one solution – a move that is continued in Version 10.

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