IRD’s new VI2M traffic data platform gets favorable response at ITS World Congress


One of the world leaders in weigh-in-motion (WIM) technology, International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD), is reporting a positive response to its new Vehicle Information in Motion (VI2M) software suite that was successfully launched at the recent ITS World Congress in Montreal, Canada.

ITS World Congress delegates were able to view a live demonstration of the VI2M central data reporting software at IRD’s exhibition space. Attendees were shown live data from sensors and demonstrations of the creation of standard and customized traffic data reports.

The cloud-based system is a highly effective platform for aggregating data from multiple sites with different functions and different types of sensors. It is highly accessible, providing access to reporting, analysis and monitoring capabilities through a widget-based user interface. VI2M is designed to assist transportation professionals in unlocking the value of information collected at commercial vehicle operations and traffic data collection sites on their road networks.

Historically, users have installed single-purpose systems to meet their required ITS data needs, either from data collection sites, commercial vehicle operations (CVO), WIM, transportation management, road weather information systems (RWIS) or tolling platforms. The information for each single-purpose system is saved in separate data sets and often processed locally, with integration being an afterthought.

The value of the information collected locally by those systems is often underappreciated. VI2M intended to unlock this value by providing a central data repository and data analysis suite that allows users to combine data from multiple sensor sites and local systems to create a complete network picture of activity. VI2M provides a core platform of data services including standardized automated data quality checks, and reports tailored to the agencies’ needs, while satisfying all federal or third-party reporting guidelines.

“We are pleased at the strong interest shown by departments of transportation and road operators in our new technologies like VI2M and Tire Anomaly and Classification System (TACS) at the ITS World Congress. These new technologies present great opportunities for improved efficiencies in traffic data monitoring and commercial vehicle enforcement programs,” noted Terry Bergan, IRD’s president and CEO.

“VI2M is truly the next generation platform for traffic data and reporting, and TACS studies are showing that our multi-year investment in sensor development will result in more accurate weighing at automated inspection stations, and overall improvements in road safety through the identification of anomalous tires.”

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