AMG’s new semi-managed switches offer extended Ethernet and PoE functionality


UK-based manufacturer and global provider of environmentally robust, fiber, analog, IP/Ethernet, wireless and hybrid communication transmission systems AMG Systems has released a new range of semi-managed switches with extended Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities.

Remote or difficult to access sites, such as parking facilities, rural roads and logistics terminals, can often benefit from single-cable Ethernet provision, particularly for the installation of video surveillance systems.

However, conventional Ethernet services only allow 328ft (100m) runs of cabling, and fiber installation can often be cost prohibitive. AMG has now developed an innovative solution to the problem with a range of industrial semi-managed switches that have the capability to extend Ethernet and PoE delivery to 820ft (250m).

AMG’s new 9000 Series semi-managed switches have an extended operation feature that provides them with the ability to provide systems with Ethernet, including PoE/PoE+, at much longer distances. The switches operate on a per copper port basis at a fixed 10Mbps duplex, and they can support up to 30W PoE+ power output. Because they are optimized for use with IP CCTV video, this makes the switches of great value to remote and demanding security or transport surveillance installations.

The switches are available in 100Mbps fast Ethernet (AMG9HMS-SF) or gigabit (AMG9HMS-SG) versions, and as part of AMG’s industrial range they have been designed to deliver high performance even in the harshest of environments, operating in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +75°C. The semi-managed switches can also be ‘daisy-chained’ effectively, even when CCTV cameras are multicasting, because data is only sent via the switch’s uplink, rather than via all copper ports as on an unmanaged switch. This helps to prevent data flooding and storms that can cripple a network. As they are semi-managed, no programming, configuration or setup is required, which makes them quick to install and simple to maintain.

“The switches are really valuable in those instances where it’s not possible or feasible to incorporate additional Ethernet extenders, or to use additional fiber cable,” said AMG’s sales and technical support manager, Ian Creary.

“So, for instance in a rural environment, or a very large parking lot, it might not be possible to provide additional power. But we can extend the Ethernet capabilities of the existing conventional copper cabling by 150% using these switches.”

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