Kapsch TrafficCom and Microsec announce new strategic collaboration


Transportation solutions provider Kapsch TrafficCom (KTC) and software development firm Microsec have announced a strategic collaboration, which they hope will improve safety and reduce congestion on the roads.

The partnership is geared toward delivering industry-leading secure digital services for the global transportation market. Alongside improving safety and reducing congestion, its goal is to cut emissions and to support the advancement of automated vehicles.

The collaboration focuses on comprehensive, modular, and secure connected corridor solutions to deliver trusted, reliable, and authenticated digital services.

“Connected vehicle services and the connected transportation market are ready for operational programs which truly impact the safety of our transportation stakeholders,” said Steve Sprouffske, VP Connected Vehicle Services at Kapsch TrafficCom. “With this new collaboration with Microsec, a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) with nearly 40 years of security service, we want to spur new growth at scale which delivers on the promise of Connected Vehicles.”

“Kapsch TrafficCom is a recognized industry leader and integrating our commercially deployed and state-of-the-art V2X PKI solutions with their highly sought after connected roadside infrastructure and digital services is a real benefit to road operators as it simplifies procurement, integration, deployment and operations,” added Márton Hegedüs, CEO of Microsec. “V2X communications is about delivering roadside safety and facilitating greater traffic efficiency, but it can’t function without the trust afforded by security credentials.”

Integrating the diverse Traffic and Connected Vehicle Services portfolio of Kapsch TrafficCom with Microsec’s IEEE 1609.2.1 standards-based advanced V2X PKI security solutions for transportation creates a commercial-ready solution option for roadway operators to manage connected corridors securely.

Delivering security services packaged with connected corridor solutions for highway and urban environments offers simplification, adaptability, and scalability to roadway operators of any size.

Kapsch TrafficCom and Microsec have already accomplished device level integration for the KTC RIS family of roadside platforms. As security solutions are not limited by region, Kapsch TrafficCom-Microsec is a non-exclusive venture and will jointly offer integrated solutions for Europe, North America, and APAC markets.

The goal is to leverage ETSI and OmniAir certifications to deliver Cooperative ITS Credential Management System (CCMS) and Secure Credential Management System (SCMS) capabilities for ITS-G5 and C-V2X based communications, respectively. Further integrations with physical and digital products are expected soon and will roll out by region.

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