Trafficware and TrafficCast partnership demonstrates integrated V2I system at ITS5G Summit


At this week’s ITS5C Summit in Jacksonville, Florida, a partnership between Trafficware and TrafficCast have been demonstrating their integrated connected vehicle (CV) smart city system at three downtown intersections.

More than 600 transportation professionals from across the country have gathered in Jacksonville for the USA’s largest regional conference featuring the latest in smart city, connected and automated vehicle (CAV), and intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies and solutions.

The ITS5C Summit is the joint annual meeting of the five southeastern ITS Societies covering Alabama, the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. Delegates have been able to attend live street-side demonstrations of the combined Trafficware and TrafficCast technologies at three major intersections on the city’s Philip Randolph Boulevard.

Using the CV capabilities of Trafficware’s ATC (Advanced Transportation Controller) traffic signal control firmware, TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD Spectra roadside unit (RSU) has been deployed to connect to the company’s TravelSmart mobile smartphone application and BlueARGUS data collection and analytics platform.

TrafficCast’s new BlueTOAD Spectra RSU offers a new approach to roadside sensor functionality, combining two wireless technologies installed within one roadside device: Discoverable (unpaired) and Non-Discoverable (paired) Bluetooth signals in the 2.4GHz waveband; and 5.9GHz dedicated short range communications (DSRC) transmissions.

The Spectra RSU sends information to TrafficCast’s BlueARGUS travel-time-based data visualization and analytics software platform. Traffic engineers can then use TrafficCast’s Apple and Android-configured TravelSmart integrated commuter application to access and display:

• Real-time status of Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT);

• Real-time traffic information (Travel Time / Incidents / Notifications);

• Signal Priority and Emergency Vehicle notifications;

• TrafficCast’s TrafficCarma navigation and personal route creation app.

The TrafficCast portfolio is also integrated with Trafficware’s ATC Controller unit for multiple CV and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) applications for traffic management and operations.

“This is a perfect fit for two industry-leading technologies in marrying their respective technologies to bring real connected vehicle applications to the marketplace,” explained Trafficware’s senior vice president, Jeff Spinazze.

“This new partnership increases Trafficware’s connected vehicle installed footprint to more than 2,500 intersections across the USA. Trafficware and TrafficCast have moved way beyond others in the industry by delivering real CV/AV deployments that have a positive impact on millions of drivers.”

TrafficCast’s vice president, Paul Misticawi, added, “Our latest detector technology, the BlueTOAD Spectra RSU, is a breakthrough connected vehicle technology that combines the BlueTOAD Travel Time detector with Trafficware’s intersection traffic signal systems and 5.9GHz dedicated short-range communications system. This provides a multi-purpose vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) roadside platform as the foundation to enable smart city strategies.”

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