McCain launching new cloud-based traffic data platform at ITS America Annual Meeting


California-based developer and manufacturer of advanced traffic control equipment McCain will formally unveil its new Transparity TDX platform during ITS America’s Annual Meeting, which is taking place in Washington DC this week, from June 3-7.

Developed by McCain Inc., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Austrian Swarco Group, Transparity TDX (Transportation Data Exchange) will provide a new cloud-based software platform serving a network of standards-compliant transportation applications and data processing services. The Transparity TDX platform enables rapid and secure integration of a multitude of emerging and existing applications, including, but not limited to, connected vehicle (CV) data subscriptions, Integrated Corridor Management Systems (ICMS), regional traffic management, parking system events, and multimodal applications such as Transit Priority, Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP), and pedestrian and bike safety. Transparity TDX also provides long term storage of high-resolution event data and performance reporting.

Among the many applications supported by Transparity TDX, McCain is inviting agencies to take a closer look at a few select applications at ITS America, including:

  • Transparity SPM Report Suite that will give traffic managers access to high resolution performance measures at every level. It will also allow agencies and subscribers to generate time-stamped data reports for every event, helping them make meaningful decisions on signal timing and traffic loads. As connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology matures, the data can be sent through this subscription service to third party vendors that will be able to provide important in-vehicle traffic flow information, including signal countdown information;
  • Transparity C2C, which can be used for regional coordination and data sharing between agencies. These applications could be as simple as collaboration at intersections that fall within two jurisdictions, or as impactful as planning for mass evacuations in the event of emergencies;
  • Integration with parking systems such as McCain’s OPTIPARK Parking Guidance System (PGS) that enables synchronization between parking events and signal operations. OPTIPARK provides motorists with guidance information while providing parking facility operators with compelling low-cost alternatives compared to single-space systems.

McCain will be showcasing its three main groups of ITS expertise:

  • Intelligent hardware, including its ATC Cabinets that come connected vehicle ready and Advanced Variable Message Signs (VMS) that consume only 10% of the power of traditional units;
  • Reliable software, such as its Transparity Traffic Management System (TMS) that promotes mobility with real-time traffic data collection and management tools;
  • Integrated systems, such as Transparity TDX, that offer an extendable and intelligent architecture, supporting future of smart city applications and CAV operations.

“Our new platform will immediately create new efficiencies for agencies while positioning them for the connected and autonomous vehicle future without a huge, ongoing capital investment,” explained Greg McKhann, McCain’s chief operating officer. “Transparity TDX addresses the problem of what to do with the billions of records generated by signals and intersections, and how to transform that information into actionable data. As we transition into a fully connected world, data storage and access will become increasing crucial, and with TDX, traffic managers could arrive at work and within a few keystrokes, immediately assess the health and performance of an individual traffic signal or an entire city.”

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