Connected Signals launching new smart city and CAV technologies at CES 2019


The world’s leading provider of predictive real-time traffic signal information, Connected Signals Inc., will showcase its two latest technologies for smart cities and connected vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019), which is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada this week (January 8-11).

The Oregon-based connected vehicle data analytics company will introduce two new technologies at CES: the Signal Priority System (SPS) for cities and municipalities, and GlobaLight for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Both technologies use predictive data and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve safety and traffic flow, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. A leading vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems developer, Connected Signals provides predictive, real-time, traffic signal information using existing infrastructure, with its data derived using sophisticated proprietary software models. The company’s advanced traffic signal information technology will be available to view during in-car demonstrations throughout CES 2019.

Connected Signals’ new GlobaLight system is a leading-edge, smart vehicle technology created for automobile manufacturers and others. It combines traffic engineering, machine learning and information acquired from vehicles to generate accurate real-time predictive traffic-signal information.

GlobaLight brings traffic signals online without using expensive infrastructure or access to city traffic management systems, expanding the company’s coverage to most traffic lights worldwide. The GlobaLight platform lets automobile manufacturers bring traffic signal information into connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), while being assured that widespread coverage will be available.

The company’s new SPS product is a revolutionary smart city technology that lets urban authorities prioritize traffic signals for specific users, such as buses, pedestrians, emergency service vehicles, cyclists, and others. Developed to increase transportation efficiency and reduce delays, SPS does not require the installation of special equipment, instead relying on cloud-based servers and cities’ existing traffic management systems. The result is a flexible and cost-effective system that can evolve in response to a city’s ever-changing needs.

Connected Signals will be exhibiting its new and existing technologies at CES, showcasing the exciting possibilities in data availability for smart cities and connected and autonomous vehicles.

During today’s Media Day (January 7), prior to the show’s official opening, the company will be offering in-car demonstrations of a range of its technologies that give drivers predictive information on the vehicle’s dashboard, allowing for safer, more efficient, and stress-free driving. As well as fully integrated systems for OEMs, Connected Signals will also be demonstrating its EnLighten smartphone application for vehicles without in-built connectivity.

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