New ITS in Columbia contributes to 75% reduction in travel times


An intelligent transport system (ITS) from Kapsch TrafficCom is helping to increase throughput and benefit businesses in Colombia’s Antioquia region. As a key part of new infrastructure it has seen travel times be reduced by as much as 75%.

Stretching over 157 kms, the Vias del Nus (Vinus) highway network, which opened last year, connects Colombia’s second largest city Medellin and its 2.5 million inhabitants with the eastern parts of the Antioquia region.

The concession’s La Quiebra tunnels, which are 4.3 km long, are equipped with Kapsch TrafficCom’s Dynac software suite. Dynac integrates three systems: a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system for control of electromechanical elements; an incident management system; and a system for ATMS (advanced traffic management system) management.

Within just a few months, the highways and tunnels of the Vias del Nus concession have registered over 300,000 vehicles.

Vehicle circulation through the concession’s La Quiebra tunnels is estimated to have increased by 60% since the system was implemented, positively impacting the region’s economy.

“From December 4 to date, the operation has been impeccable. More than 300,000 vehicles have passed through and there have been no incidents, with the exception of a couple of stranded vehicles that have been attended to immediately, so we are very satisfied,” says Ricardo López Lombana, general manager of Vinus.

The ITS used by the concession provides safety and improved mobility for road users. This also helps the tourism, agricultural and transportation sectors in the surrounding municipalities, as the roadway connects the region to more populated areas of the country.

“Tourist traffic to previously difficult-to-reach municipalities has skyrocketed. What used to be a three-hour drive from Medellin can now be reached within 40 to 50 minutes, increasing competitivity and attracting new investors to the region,” continues López Lombana.

Olga Villegas, vice president of Kapsch TrafficCom for Colombia and the entire Andean Region, adds: “We at Kapsch TrafficCom are proud to provide reliable and safe technological solutions in such a strategic project that improves the country’s transportation network. Our DYNAC solution guarantees the high level of security required by this important road corridor that is frequented by thousands of vehicles every day.”


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