Mobileye collaborating with Spain’s road authority to enhance safety and prepare for AVs


Part of Intel and a global leader in the development of vision and data analysis for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, Mobileye and the DGT will promote the benefits of the adoption of ADAS for municipal and private fleets to support improved road safety across Spain. The collaboration to promote widespread ADAS adoption will include joint research to determine the magnitude of safety improvements driven by the performance and accuracy of the Mobileye 8 Connect dashcam system.

Furthering its Vision Zero objectives, the DGT will also promote the development and adoption of self-driving technologies, with the authority working toward the regulation of AVs and leading the required cross-industry alliances that will position Spain as an integrated ‘Autonomous Ready’ country.

In addition to aiding the prevention of accidents by providing drivers with real-time visual and audio alerts, the Mobileye 8 Connect unit collects actionable and dynamic data on city streets, such as infrastructure deficiencies, accident hotspots, parking usage, environment conditions and other road hazards.

Data collected will be analyzed by the DGT and other government authorities to prepare Spanish roads for semi- and fully autonomous vehicles, while also contributing to and enhancing the development of Mobileye’s RoadBook platform, powered by the crowdsourced REM (Road Experience Management) mapping technology. The data obtained will also be used in other research and development projects to explore new ways to improve road safety.

The two organizations will also collaborate on defining the regulatory roadmap required for an autonomous future. They will seek to develop a policy framework for efficiently validating the safety of an AV, incorporating Mobileye’s Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) model, which provides specific and measurable parameters to ensure that a self-driving vehicle operates in a responsible manner and does not cause accidents for which it can be blamed.

“The visionary leadership within Spain’s DGT is working diligently to ensure the country is prepared for the arrival of autonomous vehicles, and we are honored to be a trusted partner of theirs in this endeavor,” said Gil Ayalon, Mobileye’s director for aftermarket in the EMEA region. “We commend the department for their innovative and bold approach to designing the future of transportation in Spain.”

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