Arizona using UK-developed spatial software to validate its statewide road network


The Arizona Department of Transport (ADOT) has bought software from a Cambridge, UK-based developer to validate and integrate its own statewide road network information with regular updates from multiple contributing government bodies in the region.

1Spatial’s 1Integrate technology will enable the ADOT to automatically quality assure the information it receives from the combination of 15 counties and 17 public-safety answering points (PSAPs) by validating it against a set of pre-defined business rules. They will also be able to match new data submissions against the current version of the road network to identify changes in geometry and other attributes, and apply these changes. This new process will save them a significant amount of time and money over a manual process and also ensure the accuracy of the statewide data map.

The 1Integrate software ensures compliance of an organization’s data for use across the enterprise. It provides automated data validation, cleaning, transformation and enhancement for your data. It also allows agencies to assess the quality of data to ensure it meets defined specifications and is fit for purpose, as well as performing data re-engineering tasks, such as cleaning data, transforming data or creating new data from existing data assets.

Key features of 1Integrate include:

• Capture data management requirements as business rules;

• Apply business rules automatically and efficiently to spatial and non-spatial data;

• Pinpoint the exact location of errors in failing features;

• Apply rules-based data re-engineering tasks;

• Automate the creation and update of datasets;

• Automate the integration or transformation of datasets;

• Create and manage multiple rule sets for different data products and services;

• Apply rules to multiple sources of data;

• Invoke processes from external systems via web services;

• Scale the system by adding processing resources to increase throughput when needed.

ADOT is currently upgrading the way it responds to the demand for information from the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA, and is implementing an automated, repeatable process to simplify and smooth the creation and maintenance of the state’s data. This will meet reporting requirements for ARNOLD (all road network of linear referenced data) and the HPMS (highway performance monitoring system). Previously, the FHWA only required information on the interstate highway network, with state and county governments left to record and manage all other lower grade roads. However, the ARNOLD initiative means that ADOT now needs to provide the FHWA with an accurate state-wide dataset of all public roads on an annual basis. This enables the FHWA to more effectively manage the USA’s transport infrastructure by allocating funding on a state-by-state basis.

Duncan Guthrie, 1Spatial’s director of sales in North America, commented, “We are delighted to be awarded this contract by ADOT and to be able to work with James Meyer, his team, and Works Consulting, their primary contractor. The solution we are implementing will provide significant automation to their processes, and we look forward to a great partnership working together in the future.”

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