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Vision Light Tech, or VLT, supplies a broad range of solutions in light, lenses and filters from its office in Uden, Holland. VLT is renowned for its expertise in this specialist niche market. VLT products are used in both the industrial machine vision industry as well as in traffic automation. The organisation distinguishes itself from others by offering a problem-focussed approach and customizing standard products to suit individual customer requirements.

The complexity of automated camera inspection in traffic control.

Traffic control is a key issue for the transport infrastructure industry. Take two important examples: rail inspection and license plate recognition.

Rail inspection

Current developments in the area of rail inspection illustrate the complexity of traffic control. Dutch Railways still inspects its rails manually because automatic camera inspection is extremely complex. Only the most experienced and technically-grounded lighting professionals are able to develop a system that equals the quality of manual inspection.

Vision Light Tech (VLT) is currently working on the most complex part of the camera inspection system: the illumination. A constant amount of light is required for automatic inspection. It should resemble natural light on a sunny day. Illumination does not revolve around light on its own; it encompasses the use of filters and lenses. Only an optimised combination of these three elements enables a high and constant light quality, which is necessary to reach similar or better results.

License plate recognition

In monitoring traffic there are a host of different reasons for identifying and checking vehicles. The government does not just check speed, it’s also interested in country of origin, truck loads and other information to be traced by codes on vehicles (in all sorts of colours and shapes).

Recognition is clearly crucial, but it can be hampered by influences such as vehicle speed, weather conditions and pollution. So there are many factors that must be considered.

VLT’s key focus is to offer an optimized combination of light, lens & filter offering the highest contrast for every situation imaginable.

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