All Traffic Solutions launches cloud-based flood detection system


Internet-connected traffic management equipment leader All Traffic Solutions (ATS) has launched a new cloud-based flood detection and notification system that delivers high availability and accuracy in a cost-effective and flexible solution.

ATS is a leading provider of reliable, durable and innovative cloud-based traffic safety and management products and solutions, using a combination of software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and internet-connected devices. The company’s TraffiCloud and ParkingCloud platforms allow customers to remotely manage all of their traffic and parking devices and aggregate the disparate sensor data into a central hub in real-time. Over 5,000 organizations in the USA rely on ATS technologies to increase traffic safety, maximize resources and budget, analyze historical traffic and parking patterns, increase parking revenues, improve the parking experience, and plan for the future.

ATS has now announced the availability of its new FloodAlert flood detection and notification system for law enforcement agencies, municipalities, Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and public works departments, and transit authorities. The cloud-based system provides high availability, and proactive flood detection and notification options to keep road users informed and increase public safety. The FloodAlert system uses the company’s ultrasonic radar or laser sensors to detect rising water levels in a flood-prone area. The Floodalert system consists of a pole holding a sensor box and optional solar panel. The box contains an ultrasonic sensor, processor, cellular modem, and battery or AC supply, and must be mounted at least 3 feet (1m) above the highest possible water level.

The system is managed in the ATS TraffiCloud remote management system currently in use by thousands of government agencies and organizations and can incorporate easily into weather and citizen alert systems already in place. FloodAlert is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for reliability and high-availability. The multi-channel flood notification system automatically triggers pre-set alerts and notifications when flooding begins to occur, which can:

  • Display warnings to drivers and suggest alternate routes using variable message signs (VMS) located at or before key intersections;
  • Direct traffic flow appropriately and safely, without inconveniencing drivers, to minimize congestion and hazards caused by flooded roadways;
  • Notify appropriate staff when water levels at each location approach flood stage;
  • Push data automatically to messaging on signage, turn on warning beacons, 511 alert systems, websites and social media networks, text or emails, as well as to the Waze Connected Citizens Program and/or existing systems.

“According to the National Weather Service, flooding is the second-highest weather-related killer in the USA. As we head into the hurricane season, advanced notification and dynamic messaging can help save lives,” said Andy Souders, president and CEO of ATS. “The FloodAlert Detection and Notification System leverages the latest advancements in technology to keep the public informed 24/7 in the event of flooding, and provides a holistic view of environmental, road and facility conditions.”

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