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Traffic Technology Ltd (TTL), a leading UK supplier of advanced traffic monitoring technologies, road safety equipment and services, has released two upgrades to existing systems and launched a new product.

TTL’s SpeedWatch system, a compact radar device specially developed for use by Community SpeedWatch teams, has been upgraded following requests from early adopters. The lightweight, tripod-mounted device provides a non-confrontational way to measure traffic speeds, and lends itself to being used as part of school speed awareness programs and speed survey work. TTL has now developed a live statistics page aimed at providing users with a snapshot of their activities on site, building a picture of site speed safety and the effectiveness of SpeedWatch activity.

Based on ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) guidelines, the statistics page gives the status of: the number of violator tickets issued; the fastest detected speed during SpeedWatch activity, with the system resetting after each deployment; the average speed at location; the number and percentage of targets detected considered green (within the posted speed limit); the number and percentage of targets detected considered amber (within the guidelines, but above posted speed limit); and the number and percentage of targets detected considered red (over the guideline and a violation).

It also provides graphical status indications (red/amber/green) and roadside representation of speeds against posted speed limit (PSL) and ACPO. SpeedWatch also wirelessly transmits vehicle speeds to a wifi-enabled handheld tablet or smartphone, and displays them on-screen, accompanied by green/amber/red colored bands that indicate the target vehicle’s speed in relation to national police guidelines.

TTL has added a unique upgrade path for its SID speed indication displays, allowing online upgrades. Users can buy a simple entry level SID that gives a low cost speed display, industry leading battery life, and weight and performance out of the box, then add apps as and when required. The new options enable users to upgrade their SID via an online app platform.

With over 21 features, such as data capture, LED color change, and safety mode, available at the click of a button. Once an upgrade option is purchased, users simply synchronize the device on its next use and the feature is activated in the unit. In addition, there are some hardware changes, including top flashing ‘WigWags’, and an additional LED text legend that can show a user-programmable message.

TTL has also launched the Eco CITIX-IR thermal camera, which uses passive infrared technology to accurately count pedestrians and detect their direction of travel in high-traffic urban areas and pedestrian streets. Mounted 10-13ft (3-4m) high and covering a passage up to 30ft (9m) wide, the system detects the heat emitted by people moving through the detection area below it to provide accurate individual detection, day or night.

An invisible laser beam scans the environment to detect any height variation and provides accurate counting on wide pedestrian streets. Data transmission is via GSM directly back to Eco-Visio cloud based data management software.

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