Real-time traffic service available in Greece, Hungary and Slovakia


Drivers on the road in three of Europe’s most congested countries will now have access to high-class, real-time traffic information. TomTom has launched its ‘Traffic’ service in Greece, Hungary and Slovakia, bringing the system’s coverage to a total of 46 countries around the world. Traffic congestion levels in Greece are among the highest in Europe, with an average commute taking 30 minutes longer than the norm during rush hour in Athens, the country’s capital city. According to TomTom Traffic data, in Hungary’s capital, Budapest, commuting by car adds a 26 minute delay during the rush hour period. The company’s Traffic system covers highways, arterials, major and secondary roads and combines ‘crowdsourced’ data from millions of drivers with governmental and fleet sources, in order to deliver information that can pinpoint the exact start and end of a traffic jam. The service includes real-time routing information and congestion forecasting, which indicates whether a jam is growing or dispersing, and estimates how long the delays will last. “Traffic congestion is an issue for many countries around the world, including Greece, Hungary and Slovakia,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, head of Traffic services at TomTom. “The launch of our Traffic system gives drivers, the automotive industry and governments a concrete way to tackle traffic congestion in their market. Our aim is to be the preferred provider of traffic services in every market we operate in.”

TomTom has also announced a multi-year agreement with the Volkswagen Group, one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest car maker in Europe, to bring its Traffic service to VW Group cars across Europe, beginning with Audi and Volkswagen. A global leader in traffic information, TomTom has one of the most extensive data bases of real-time GPS probes in the world, detecting the actual traffic situation on all roads. VW and Audi drivers will now benefit from one of the most accurate traffic services available in the market, with over 62 million miles (100 million kilometers) of roads covered. Integrated navigation systems can propose reliable alternative routes, saving drivers hours of travel time annually, while actively reducing fuel consumption. “We’re delighted to announce this important partnership with the Volkswagen Group, one of the world’s premier car manufacturers, strengthening our global market leadership as the trusted provider of navigation technology,” said Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom. “We invented and developed traffic information and efficient routing as we know it today. Large scale adoption and on-going development will continue to contribute to reduced traffic congestion and CO2 emissions, as well as enhanced safety on the road in the future.”


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