New portable traffic analyser uses AI and roadside computer vision


Traffic Technology Ltd has launched the new ARGOS AI portable traffic analyser, which has been developed to provide mobile traffic analysis using artificial intelligence and computer vision.

The ARGOS AI portable traffic analyser can be used to record turning behaviour, including vehicle classification, at traffic hubs; origin/destination traffic surveys, including vehicle classification, at roundabouts; and vehicle volume, classification and speed on multi-lane roads.

The portable battery-powered ARGOS provides up to 48 hours of continuous operation, and uses roadside computer vision to provide real time classification of ten classes of vehicles, from bicycles to multi-axle HGVs with trailers. The system can be rapidly deployed and provides rapid results, according to Traffic Technology, with true onsite data validation and full GDPR compliance built-in.

Detailed evaluation of data is available with the web-based communication platform myTrafficdata 2.0.

Richard Toomey, Traffic Technology Ltd’s managing director, said: “ARGOS AI takes vision based classified vehicle monitoring to a new level. With true ‘Edge’ technology data is available instantly without the need to transmit files to costly server farms or overseas processing facilities.”

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