Netradyne launches data services platform for advanced transportation technology ecosystem


Netradyne has launched a new deep-learning analytics platform for companies within the automotive, transportation and insurance industries, which can offer rich datasets, including dynamic mapping, distributed video search and driving analytics.

With technology innovation centers in both San Diego, California, and Bangalore, India, Netradyne’s new, highly customizable offering will provide companies with information that will help developers better understand the countless fluctuating and ever-changing factors that impact the way commercial and personal vehicles are driven.

The new services provide real-time insight into numerous aspects of driving, including road conditions, driver behaviors, unique driving scenarios, seasonal and weather-specific considerations, traffic patterns, concentrated geographic risk areas, and other features.

While most companies only have access to singular, event-triggered data points that are then extrapolated and quantified with simulated miles, Netradyne’s Driveri platform is able to serve up millions of miles of actual rich driving data from a 360° camera, powered by an advanced artificial intelligence TeraFLOP processor. Companies can observe and visually analyze this data to gain insight into deeper road context and texture, which will help them create safer and more technologically advanced products, from connected cars, to autonomous trucks, to interactive roadways.

The new Driveri service includes:

• Cloud-based client interface, with an intuitive interface for data mining and transfer;

• Real-time insight into road conditions, driver behaviors and more;

• Meta-data that has been captured and analyzed by the Netradyne team;

• Vision data enablement across various platforms, with high definition videos (1080p) and high dynamic range optics (120dB).

“We are expected to have more than 500 million minutes of captured and analyzed commercial driving data by the end of 2018,” said Avneesh Agrawal, founder and CEO of Netradyne. “This projected growth is expected to make our Data Services Platform the most comprehensive data service on the market, equipping developers with the deepest road insights available.”

Sandeep Pandya, Netradyne’s president, added, “We’re proud to provide companies with these valuable new tools to help them gain deeper real-time intelligence into how road conditions influence driving behavior. The possibilities of how this data can positively impact the future of driving are endless. Our new distributed video search tool, for example, allows companies to search for combinations of a variety of driver events, such as object categories, environmental conditions, traffic patterns, driving patterns and rare events. We can use this information to help create behavior models of how humans drive, and provide useful information for training autonomous driving technology.”

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