Livermore becomes latest city in California to deploy Trafficware’s ATMS platform a


Texas-based transportation equipment manufacturer Trafficware has been selected by the City of Livermore in California to deliver its advanced traffic management system (ATMS) central transportation management system to control traffic operations across the city.

Now part of the Cubic Corporation’s Transportation Systems (CTS) business division, Trafficware’s agreement includes services to install as well as integrate existing and new intersection traffic controllers citywide. As one of the world’s most advanced traffic management systems, ATMS is the only platform of its kind with a business intelligence layer and incorporates a flexible architecture, supporting multiple manufacturers’ devices, as well as integration with other transportation systems. ATMS brings traffic network data into a single repository for a real-time, 360-degree view of citywide transportation operations. From the latest connected vehicle (CV) technologies, web-based tools like Signal Performance Measures, to the System Dashboard that provides insightful business intelligence, Trafficware’s ATMS platform is helping Smart Cities all over the world address the current and future challenges of transportation management.

Trafficware notes that its ATMS platform continually evolves due to the direct input from hundreds of the company’s customers from all over the world. Livermore joins a rapidly growing number of agencies in California that are looking to the company to provide advanced technologies to help them manage urban mobility. Agencies such as the cities of Cupertino, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, Carlsbad, and Fresno, plus Santa Clara County, have chosen Trafficware’s software and hardware solutions to improve mobility for millions of travelers each day. These include: ATMS as the platform for Smart Cities technology and future expansion into connected/autonomous vehicles; SynchroGreen Adaptive Signal Control; Transit Signal Priority (TSP) for buses; and Internet of Things (IoT) edge technologies to measure and improve the overall flow of traffic, which are designed to scale as an agency expands its specific needs.

As CTS continues to execute its NextCity vision worldwide, the company’s Trafficware division now has more than 300 major ATMS installations with hardware and software products deployed at more than 50,000 intersections globally. Cities such as Houston, Jacksonville, Oklahoma City, New Haven, Orlando and Cairo (Egypt) rely on the ATMS system for complex transportation networks. as do the states of New York, Louisiana and South Carolina, as well as some of the largest counties in the USA.

“We are very proud to be able to enhance the travel experience and quality of life for citizens in the cities we serve through the deployment of our advanced traffic technologies,” said Jeff Spinazze, vice president of business development for Trafficware at CTS. “As a community with a reputation for embracing advanced technologies, we look forward to delivering the most advanced traffic management system in the world to the City of Livermore.”

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