Iteris introduces new cloud-based traffic signal performance measurement platform


One of the USA’s leading suppliers of applied informatics systems for the transportation industry, Iteris Inc., has launched SPM, a comprehensive, cloud-based automated traffic signal performance measures (SPM) system that expands the company’s growing ‘intersection-as-a-service’ portfolio.

With the proliferation of high-resolution traffic data from Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, as well as Bluetooth and wi-fi readers throughout the country, Iteris harnesses, stores and analyzes more than 25 terabytes of data through its performance analytics platform. The company’s new SPM system sets triggers for signal operations modifications, identifies traffic trends, and provides before-and-after studies and maintenance advisory services.

Iteris SPM represents a synthesis of the company’s integration experience, big data ingestion, visualization and hardware production knowledge, and its analytics and consulting expertise, and forms part of its broader drive to promote safety and efficiency at all intersections.

The SPM application extends the company’s growing portfolio of user-friendly traffic data visualization systems, including the iPeMS and VantageLive! software platforms. The new cloud-based service aligns with Iteris’s strategy of increasing the safety and efficiency of intersections and arterial roads as part of wider smart city initiatives. The new application also supports the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Every Day Counts 4 (EDC-4) program, which encourages using automated traffic SPMs to optimize traffic signal coordination and programming.

The SPM service offers Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and municipal agencies a proactive understanding of their arterial and intersection operations, by providing traffic engineers with clearer insights and actionable information. Iteris SPM can be used by agencies across the country for multiple applications, including:

• Evaluating detailed, per movement/phase information at the intersection level;

• Understanding the causes of intersection congestion and delay;

• Providing a feedback loop to improve signal and arterial operations in real-time;

• Accessing transportation network effectiveness and system delay.

The SPM application measures:

• Turning movement counts;

• Red-light violations;

• Split monitor and split failure;

• Purdue phase termination;

• Approach delay and pedestrian delay;

• Arrivals on green.

“As we gather more and more data from new and enhanced IoT devices at intersections, we are pleased to be able to help agencies better manage their network with a focus on improving safety and efficiency,” said Tiffany Barkley, director of products for transportation analytics at Iteris.

“With SPM, we deliver an end-to-end intersection-as-a-service solution by handling installation, data collection, management, analysis and visualization in the cloud, while providing regular, proactive recommendations through an easy-to-read user interface.”

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