AI-powered traffic management system to launch at ISC West 2020


Taiwanese manufacturer of IP video-based systems Lilin will be unveiling and releasing its new Aida traffic management system along with a range of surveillance cameras and other smart city equipment at the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West 2020) taking place in Las Vegas on March 17-20.

Following the success of its Aida automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system, New Taipei City-based Lilin has added a new artificial intelligence-powered (AI) traffic management platform to the Aida product line. The Aida system can be installed on the edge for traffic analysis where the metadata gets sent to the company’s remote Navigator Control Centre security management software system. Lilin’s ALPR and traffic management systems can integrate with the company’s Navigator VMS (video management software) products including Nav Control Centre, Nav Corporate, and Nav Enterprise for event notifications, statistics, and system automation. Both the Aida and Navigator products use Intel Media SDK for Windows and maximise the GPU processing power for video decoding and rendering.

The Aida ALPR series and Aida traffic management system use the latest deep learning technology, with the software able to run multiple AI models on distributed AI CPU, GPU, and VPUs of a server. Aida traffic management can provide accurate AI traffic object recognition for parking spot detection, parking violation, left and right turn violations, wrong way detection with number plate recognition, truck, motorbike and pedestrian violations, queuing detection, average speed detection, and loitering detection. To create the software platform, Lilin has used deep learning technology that requires thousands of pictures for image labelling, video recognition, accuracy validation, and machine training of object datasets that can then be used for traffic managements. The company has designed and developed AI-enhanced software combined with intelligent video surveillance edge devices that can optimise traffic systems.

Lilin will showcase its latest portfolio of intelligent IP video surveillance solutions and edge devices, and AI-driven open platform software and analytics systems at ISC West 2020, including:

AI City Surveillance – Integrated traffic control system optimisation solutions including bus stop blocking by a sedan and notification, traffic counting for highway management, illegal parking via dwell time detection, detection of humans entering rail crossings, number plate recognition and gate opening, turn violation detections, and notification of trucks entering controlled city zones;

A comprehensive range of H.265 camera solutions that can reduce bandwidth to perform excellent video compression rate with lower storage consumption while maintaining the same image quality level. Compared with H.264, the H.265 technology can help to save 25-50% of data flow loading to enhance IP camera system performance;

Transportation systems that includes NFC/RFID card transit access for the elderly or students on school buses, and freight management systems with weighbridge integration;

Edge storage with the world’s first 1TB industrial-grade microSD card, the Micron i300, which offers the industry’s highest-capacity for video surveillance applications.

“We are very pleased to show Aida traffic management solution at ISC West 2020, since our development engineers focused on the AI development for years,” said Lilin product manager, Steve Hu. “Other than AI products, we will demonstrate products for custom install, facial recognition system, QR code for B&B, campus solution, building automation, access control for hotels and campuses, and other transportation and surveillance systems.”

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