STAR Systems International releases innovative multimode transponder


STAR Systems International (SSI) has announced the release of an improved multimode transponder for express lanes and HOT systems. Named Genesis, the transponder is purpose-designed for use in high-occupancy tolling (HOT/HOV), express lanes and other ITS applications. Genesis is certified by the OmniAir Consortium for interoperability in tolling systems.

Genesis is constructed with the industry’s first chip specifically designed for automatic vehicle identification (AVI). It offers enhanced sensitivity, a large user memory bank and innovative self-error detection features that guard against memory or data corruption. In addition, this transponder is specifically constructed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as wide temperature ranges and extended sunlight exposure. This provides long-term reliability and performance.

“We are excited to introduce the first multimode transponder with error detection features to the tolling community”, says Stephen Lockhart, CTO of SSI.  “Also, a new cam and spring-loaded switching mechanism provides Genesis with superb tactile feedback to the user.”

Genesis’ compact design enables drivers to easily declare the number of occupants in HOT/HOV and express lane applications. It may also be configured to identify two or three different accounts, such as an individual account, business account, or secure vehicle access account. Genesis is available in either a two-mode or a three-mode version. It is easy to mount and simple to transfer between different vehicles.

“Express lane and high occupancy tolling are rapidly expanding market segments”, says Robert Karr, CEO of SSI. “Genesis integrates our years of experience and the latest technologies to provide users and toll operators with exceptional read performance and ease of use. This strategic product enables us to serve this segment better by giving customers another great option to improve their AVI Systems.”


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