Honeywell launches new passive RFID tag for high-security toll collection and AVI


Multinational engineering and technology company Honeywell has developed a new passive RFID (radio frequency identification) tag that enables secure automatic vehicle identification (AVI), while preventing counterfeiting, spoofing or exposing customer data to unauthorized users.

The cost-effective windshield-mounted IT70 RFID tag can be used for highway tolling applications and electronic vehicle registration, as well as vehicle access and parking or fuel payment systems. The secure IT70 tag cannot be cloned or read by unauthorized parties, unlike common RFID tags on the market, and data transmissions are fully encrypted so that only issuing authorities can read the tags. The UHF tag can be read from car and truck windshields at ranges up to and exceeding 33ft (10m), even as the vehicle travels at speeds of more than 100mph (160km/h).

Since it is a fully passive RFID tag, the IT70 requires no further maintenance once it is applied to a windshield, and is likely to outlast the vehicle it is applied to. The optimized cryptographic engine built into the IT70 enables it to perform AES-128 functions three times faster than competitive tags, enabling readers to monitor multiple lanes of high speed traffic.

The IT70 RFID tag features:

• Up to six access keys, so it can be used by multiple organizations or departments, each with its own key and memory space that can be assigned its own unique privileges according to the requirements of the application;

• Cryptographic encryption support with the ability to perform AES-128 functions three times faster than competitive tags;

• Long product lifecycle and the durability to withstand extreme environmental conditions from -40° C to 85° C (-40° F to 185° F);

• Fully standards compliant with ISO 18000-63, GS1 EPC Gen 2 Version 2 RFID standards, and ISO 29167-1, ISO 29176-10 Rev 0 and Rev 1, and ISO 29167-13 security standards.

“Organizations want to prevent unauthorized use of the tags, and their customers need the peace of mind that data being transmitted from their car is secure,” said Hank Stephens, RFID product leader for Honeywell’s productivity products division.

“We incorporated a range of cryptographic standards to provide two-way authentication and data security with up to six access keys with fully configurable privileges. Although commonly used for toll lanes and parking garages, these secure RFID tags can also be used for other electronic payment transactions, such as buying gas without having to leave your car.”

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