A-to-Be secures toll collection system contract in Richmond, Virginia


A-to-Be USA is to provide a new toll collection system for Richmond Metropolitan Transportation Authority (RMTA) in Virginia, USA.

RMTA, which operates and maintains the toll expressway system in the Richmond metropolitan area, has selected A-to-Be’s toll collection technology for its Open Road Tolling (ORT) lanes in three toll zones: one on the Downtown Expressway and two on Powhite Parkway.

Powhite Parkway is one of the most heavily travelled corridors in the Richmond area, while an estimated 39,000 vehicles use the Downtown Expressway each day.

A-to-Be will supply LinkBeyond, a full toll collection system comprised of LinkBeyond ORT, an open road tolling solution, including the Toll Zone Controller (TZC) subsystem, and a cloud-based, multipurpose Toll Facility Host (TFH). The solution also includes A-to-Be Reporting, A-to-Be DVAS, a digital video audit system, and A-to-Be MOMS, a maintenance online management system.

The system is expected to go live by early 2023, and A-to-Be will provide maintenance support for up to 10 years following system acceptance.

“We are excited to partner with A-to-Be to provide our customers with a new, industry-leading toll collection system,” said Joi Dean, CEO of RMTA. “The new LinkBeyond system will help ensure our drivers continue to have the safe, efficient and convenient experience they have come to expect from RMTA, for years to come.”

“A-to-Be is pleased to continue serving the Richmond community and to partner with RMTA to bring our widely deployed Electronic Toll Collection system that benefits Virginia drivers,” added Doug Chastain, chief sales officer, North America at A-to-Be. “A-to-Be’s LinkBeyond products are tested and proven on more than 1,300 lanes of roadway in the US and Europe, including in the greater Richmond area, and we are pleased to bring our more than 40 years of expertise to RMTA.”

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