New ride-hailing app that connects all taxis launches across UK


A ground-breaking new ride-hailing application has launched across the UK that aims to connect all taxis and minicabs, enabling licensed cab drivers and passengers to strike their own deals, with no interference from software algorithms.

Invented by London-based start-up, Perfect Data, the Xooox (pronounced ‘zooks’) system aims to provide more choice and a wider geographical coverage than any other app, making it a one-stop shop for passengers nationwide. Xooox is also intended to give cab drivers the freedom to find their own fares and set their own prices, placing them in control of their livelihoods.

Using the Xooox app, passengers can search for all available minicabs and other taxicabs in their area at that particular moment, choosing between rides based on a range of criteria, including the fare, type of cab, emissions, ETA (estimated time of arrival), size, and accessibility. As Xooox works anywhere in the country, including rural communities and the towns and cities where other apps are not licensed or viable, everyone can now use the latest in search technology to hail a cab.

Xooox is intended to provide more control for drivers, including the ability to set their own fares. Any of the UK’s 400,000 licensed drivers, independent cabbies and minicab drivers, can use the new Xooox driver app for free, with no commission charges. Unlike existing apps, which tell drivers which passengers to pick up and how much to charge, Xooox gives drivers a live map of all local passengers searching for a cab, so they can choose their own work. Drivers set their own prices, decide which jobs they accept and define how far they will travel for a pick-up. They can even flex their offer in real-time.

Xooox says it works in conjunction, rather than competition, with existing operators and minicab firms. Any operator that wants to supplement its advanced bookings with real-time journey requests, or wants to grow its pool of drivers, can use the Xooox service for free. Each operator will get access to a live map pinpointing the location of their drivers, as well as nearby passengers. Only fully-licensed drivers can use the app, while passengers can report a driver to their licensing body with one touch of an icon. All of the UK’s 350+ cab regulators, often local authorities, will get free-of-charge access to the Xooox technology platform, enabling them to see a live map of vehicles operating in their areas. For the first time, regulators can automatically check whether the drivers on the streets have the correct licenses to operate in their jurisdictions.

Xooox could also help reduce pollution and congestion as the app’s search technology means taxicab drivers no longer need to cruise around to search for passengers in journeys known as ‘the dead mile’. The app also eliminates the need for minicabs to return to base empty once they have dropped off a passenger, as they can now search for fares for their return journey. Regulatory authorities can use the data from the Xooox platform to inform their smart city and environmental initiatives, including the introduction of low emission zones.

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