Indra launches collaborative platform for MaaS applications at Smart City Expo


At this week’s Smart City Expo World Congress, being held from November 19-21 in Barcelona, Spanish transportation technology developer and consultancy Indra has unveiled its revamped mobility-related technology platform to facilitate a cross-organisational vision of transport management and the use of transportation infrastructure.

Indra has launched In-Mova Space, which integrates the entire ecosystem of transportation, infrastructure and operators, enhances the inter-modality, inter-operability and integration of all data, and facilitates the development of new business models in terms of smart mobility. Implemented by the company’s leading clients across five continents, In-Mova Space is based on Indra’s experience and knowledge of the transportation business and its challenges for the future. Based on new digital technologies, it has been developed to adapt transportation supply to the actual demand and the user’s needs, improving the traveller’s experience, optimising the capacity and maintainability of infrastructures and services, while also promoting the development of automation and a smarter, safer, and more sustainable, collaborative and accessible type of mobility.

In-Mova Space is intended to reinforce and support Indra Mova Solutions, the company’s portfolio of end-to-end solutions for all modes of transportation, and providing more added value for its customers. The new platform is geared towards Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and generates a collaborative scenario in which the data from all the modes of transportation are shared and the information is enriched, applying smart analytics, learning and predictive models. The platform supports the entire project life cycle, from the design phase to its maintenance and operation. In-Mova Space facilitates patterns for the automation of operations and high-quality support for critical decision making, reinforced by an appropriate human-machine cooperation. In-Mova Space promotes a more collaborative and inter-modal form of mobility by integrating Indra’s solutions, in this case those that have the greatest impact on cities, including:

  • Mova Traffic, which includes systems for operating roads, tunnels, subways and bus and train fleets;
  • Mova Protect, which encompasses systems for smart security and video surveillance, enforcement and comprehensive emergency management;
  • Mova Collect, which comprises the ticketing, tolls and back office systems.


At the Smart City Expo, Indra is demonstrating how its platform provides the basis upon which London’s tunnels, Manila’s metropolitan area, and the Spanish highway authority’s roads are managed and monitored, and how it is able to integrate the solutions that manage Madrid’s intercity buses and control access to subway and stations around the world. The company is also demonstrating its systems that enable communication between roadside infrastructure and connected vehicles (V2I) and will show how big data and artificial intelligence (AI) can facilitate predictive models to improve transportation and infrastructure operations. In addition, during the panel discussion at the ‘Mobility of Tomorrow’ session, Indra’s road traffic and infrastructure director, Manuel López Villena, will explain how the company’s technology has been prepared to integrate connected vehicles and overcome the challenges of autonomous driving.



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