Neology releases latest update of back office ALPR platform


USA-based RFID (radio frequency identification) pioneer and developer of integrated solutions for the vehicle detection and public safety markets Neology Inc. has released the next generation of the BOSS back-office system from its PIPS Technology division in the UK.

A leading provider of automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems, PIPS Technology became a subsidiary of Neology in 2017. The company’s BOSS (back office system software) platform has supported more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies across the globe in their mission to use vehicle recognition data to prevent traffic infringements and protect the public, through the detection and prevention of crimes and criminal activity. The latest 4.0 generation of BOSS is more than just an ALPR database, as Neology’s vehicle analytics modules allow for the enrichment of image data to provide enhanced insight and operational effectiveness for those using it.

With the latest generation of the BOSS system, users will be able to take more control over how they implement access and scale their ALPR operations. BOSS 4.0 is designed to run seamlessly in a cloud implementation, as well as on-premise to cater for all eventualities. The architecture is scalable to the needs of individual customers ranging from the smallest agency processing less than 1 million reads per year up to the largest, most complex deployments with 250m+ annual read. Neology is keen to highlight that most importantly, and at all times, irrespective of the implementation decision, the customer always retains complete ownership and control of their data.

In February this year, PIPS acquired the artificial intelligence-based (AI) Mantis software system that was developed by Intrinsics Inc. Mantis is a versatile, all-in-one and high-performance vehicle recognition solution for law enforcement, open-road tolling, parking management, low emission zone enforcement, access control, and other traffic monitoring activities. The BOSS version 4.0 now provides the optional capability to seamlessly integrate the Mantis-4D solution, delivering enhanced efficiencies through the use of AI technology to determine vehicle make, model, body type and various descriptors such as spare tire, ride-sharing stickers and others. Mantis-4D is currently used and deployed actively in existing traffic and public safety applications worldwide, processing billions of reads per year.

The BOSS4.0 platform provides an intuitive tool, allowing the user to search, receive notifications and monitor cameras in real-time from both PIPS systems and also third-party camera devices. The platform enables the secure data sharing between systems to provide operational command and control of ALPR assets across multiple districts, cities, counties and even state boundaries if required, with the capability free for BOSS4.0 to BOSS4.0 systems. The BOSS 4.0 platform has an important market applicable to the vehicle security sector, with police agencies together with customs crossings as the main users. However, the system architecture is scalable to the needs of transportation, security and control, as well as parking management. BOSS 4.0 is now available for purchase, with numerous existing and new clients upgrading to the upgraded platform over the summer.

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