Live Roads launches world’s first navigation app with HD maps and lane-level information


A revolutionary new mobile navigation platform, Live Roads, has been launched on the Android operating system, which offers the world’s first navigation app with access to high-definition (HD) maps, lane-level navigation and real-time directions.

Despite the evolution of smartphone and tablet technology over the last 20 years, many current navigation systems have not kept pace and feature legacy graphics and visualization.

The Live Roads app aims to make use of the technological advances of these devices to transform travel with an immersive and accurate driving experience. Live Roads says that by featuring real 3D Cars, HD Maps and Lane-Level Navigation, the app empowers users to experience a level of detail and control not possible with any contemporary navigation app currently available.

Live Roads will be available on Apple devices later this summer, and the company will also be adding additional features, including Lane-Level Traffic, which will provide users with live traffic updates surrounding them lane-by-lane and which route is best to take in real time.

Live Roads’ other features include:

• Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Maps – Users can see both HD and SD Maps simultaneously for a higher level of detail and accuracy while driving;

• A 3D Car – Customizable 3D cars, chosen from the available list of models and colors;

• Off Line Maps – Access to unlimited downloadable maps in the USA and Canada;

• Sharing Live Location with Friends – Users can share their drive, exact location, and estimated time of arrival (ETA) with other users, as well as be able to input accidents, construction, and other incidents;

• Live Traffic Reports – All users have access to live traffic information, showing the status of all roads in the vicinity.

Live Roads is available in two versions: the free edition includes standard definition maps and traffic updates, and only offers the HD Maps and Lane-Level Navigation when a user is approaching a turn; and the Premium HD service includes all of the app’s features.

The company also offers a Drive Points system to allow all users to experience the Premium HD service for free by: driving with the app open, reporting road incidents, and getting new user signups.

“Our app dramatically improves the most important aspects of your driving experience,” said Paul Konieczny, founder and CEO of Live Roads.

“It provides users with an innovative and intuitive app design that helps foster an incredible and immersive driving experience. With its breakthrough features, users can enjoy this intuitive, easy, and fun application to assist them in navigating today’s complex and busy roads.”

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