IntelliVision integrates its image analytics with Milestone’s video management platform


A new partnership between a leader in internet protocol (IP) video management platforms and a developer of cutting-edge video analytics software aims to provide any operator of multiple camera networks with a more efficient system.

Pioneer and leader in video analytics software systems, IntelliVision, has announced a new partnership and integrated solution with Milestone Systems, a leading global open-platform provider of IP video management software (VMS). The integrated system with Milestone’s VMS platform will add video analytics to multiple camera video feeds at the same time. This integration will allow customers to not only manage and monitor their current and existing systems, but will have the added advantage of being able to do more video processing intelligently, creating a more robust and efficient system. The integrated system will offer benefits for multiple applications, including Smart City projects, traffic and transit systems, tolling installations, parking facilities, freight and logistics hubs, vehicle access and management, and others.

IntelliVision’s product portfolio includes: advanced security and ITS/traffic analytics, retail analytics, video search and summary, face recognition software, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), and other smart security/intelligence systems. The combination of IntelliVision’s video analytics software and Milestone’s VMS platform creates a powerful and portable integrated system for the market. As companies and industries grow and expand, the need to monitor and process multiple camera streams simultaneously is becoming increasingly important; IntelliVision is fulfilling this rising demand with its advanced video analytics.

Some of the markets that are increasing demand for such implementations are: government and transportation agencies, large retail stores, intelligent traffic systems, and any large enterprises that need their facilities monitored. Using patented, intelligent-scene, deep-learning technology to decrease the number of false alarms, IntelliVision is adding more value to the monitoring system to provide only the critically important events. Deep-learning technology recognizes the nuances of the environment, such that the more the analytics are used, the more accurate the video analytics detection becomes.

“The IntelliVision video content analytics (VCA) integration offers an intelligent video analytics engine embedded in our VMS to add a new dimension to the presentation and analysis of multiple camera inputs,” said Reinier Tuinzing, strategic alliances manager for the Americas at Milestone Systems. “With IntelliVision’s patented deep-learning technology improving the accuracy of video analytics, customers will find increased deployment applications. We are delighted to have this capability and video intelligence integrated into our leading VMS solutions.”

Steve Irving, senior business development manager at IntelliVision, noted, “We are redefining the video analytics segment by pushing the boundaries of our deep-learning technologies, allowing analytical intelligence to evolve as the applications run, picking up nuances and details as the video is retrieved. We are expanding our intellectual property in this area.”

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