Sensys Gatso receives enforcement contracts in the USA and Australia


The world’s largest supplier of traffic enforcement equipment, the Sensys Gatso Group, has been awarded new speed and red-light camera systems contracts in the USA and Australia.

Through its North American subsidiary, Sensys Gatso USA, the company has signed a five-year contract extension for Managed Services with the city of Albany, the capital of New York State. The automated red-light camera enforcement program, which originally went into effect in 2015, will continue for five more years and has an approximate annual revenue value of US$470,000, corresponding to a total value of approximately US$2.4m over the duration of the contract. From the time of the initial red-light camera implementation four years ago, Albany stakeholders have continued their focus on creating safer streets for the community, with the enforcement systems reducing intersection crashes and improving overall driver behavior.

Andrew Noble, president of Sensys Gatso USA, commented, “We are pleased to continue our important work with the City of Albany for the next five years. The leadership in Albany has always been focused on safety for its residents and for the pedestrians, cyclists and drivers who share their roads.”

Through its subsidiary Sensys Gatso Australia, the company has received a contract extension to the value of US$5m (A$7m) for the supply of mobile camera systems and services to the Government of the State of Victoria. The order is for additional mobile speed camera systems to supplement the initial quantity ordered in July 2018, with the delivery of the enforcement systems expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

In addition, Sensys Gatso Australia has received an order worth US$1.3m (A$1.8m) for the provision of maintenance support services for mobile camera systems over the next six years to Serco Traffic Camera Services on behalf of the Victorian government. The order is for the provision of maintenance support services for an initial quantity of mobile camera systems for the next six years. As part of the agreement, it is expected that additional systems will be added to the deal, leading to the total contract value of annuity services of up to US$8m (A$11.3m), over its duration. The additional systems are expected to be deployed by the end of 2019.

Sensys Gatso Australia’s managing director, Enzo Dri, commented, “A successful pilot phase and subsequent initial supply program has introduced this innovative technology to the State of Victoria. The collaborative approach used to design, develop, test and implement this high-quality solution has become an enabler to the State’s objective to deter speeding via an ‘anywhere, anytime’ operational model deployed across the entire road network. With the introduction of new in-vehicle traffic safety systems in the State of Victoria, we have engaged with the State and Serco Traffic Camera Services to establish a high uptime support solution. The support services will give the State of Victoria the ability to maximize the effect of the new technology to deter speeding and improve safety on its road network.”

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