LYT launches Transit Signal Prioritization insights platform for local transit agencies


Connected traffic technology provider LYT has launched a new cloud-based Transit Signal Prioritization (TSP) platform, which offers a refreshed design and an innovative reporting dashboard to help local US transit agencies improve public transportation corridors.

LYT’s Transit Signal Prioritization (LYT.transit) platform produces a consistent and reliable green light for every transit vehicle. It harnesses the power of a single-edge device installed in traffic management centers that enables transit vehicles to speak directly to networked traffic signals in cities through the LYT cloud platform.

The new TSP dashboard was designed after an exhaustive analysis and review in collaboration with transit agency partners, identifying key transit performance metrics used to help monitor and improve the flow of traffic in heavily trafficked corridors.

The new dashboard promises to provide transit organizations in cities across the US an innovative fusion of data from transit vehicles and traffic lights to showcase how TSP is improving transit vehicle performance.

“Technology has reshaped virtually every aspect of society today, and we’re proud that our new refreshed module will provide transit agency partners with the technological tools they need to revolutionize the way commuters move throughout their local cities,” said Timothy Menard, CEO and founder of LYT. “Our commitment to helping transit agencies has never been stronger, and we believe our new dashboard will pioneer the way in which local governments monitor, improve and report on traffic patterns.”

Through the dashboard, agencies can gain key insights about route performance over time, showcasing the operational benefits of LYT’s cloud-based TSP and highlighting intersections with potential operational improvements to unlock further route performance optimization. Tracking more than 100 performance metrics in real time, the new LYT.transit insights platform empowers transit and traffic agencies to take back control of the timeliness and reliability of their transit schedules.

Real-time tracked metrics, such as red-light delay over time, green light success, and route performance by stop, will provide meaningful and actionable insights that agency partners can act on immediately.

As part of the evolution of traffic management technology, the dashboard also leverages the power of LYT’s integration with traffic light infrastructure by providing critical alerts from traffic lights along an agency’s transit routes that affect transit performance, tightening the relationship between transit agencies and their traffic partners.

LYT’s cloud-based system enables a faster, more reliable delivery of highly customizable data compared with other platforms used by agencies still utilizing a hardware-based system, and this results in the signal prioritization to take place automatically without the driver needing to take his/her eyes off the road to interact with any additional technology.

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