Nedap expands long-range identification and smart parking portfolios


Netherlands-based specialist in systems for vehicle identification, detection and access control, Nedap, has expanded its long-range identification and smart parking portfolio with five new products.

Nedap designs and develops intelligent, sustainable technology solutions to help cities become smart about their mobility, parking and vehicle control issues. As part of its move toward providing equipment for a complete smart city ecosystem, the company has released five new products to enable long-range vehicle and people identification and expand the capabilities of its Sensit smart parking platform. The five new products are:

• The uPASS Target Antenna, which is a new external antenna for the company’s uPass Target long-range ultra high frequency (UHF) reader that identifies vehicles and people at distances of up to 33ft (10m). The high-end UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) reader enables access control to gated perimeters, as well as close monitoring of traffic flow activities at industrial sites, transit hubs and logistic depots. The Antenna extends the read-range of the uPass Target reader for a wider scope, and the external antenna can also be used in situations where reading of both vehicle entry and exit lanes is required. Typical applications for the Antenna combined with the uPass Target reader are: bus depots, car park facilities, logistics hubs, ports and industrial operations, and automated truck activities.

• The PCC485 OSDP protocol converter for Nedap’s Transit, uPass and Mace readers. Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is an industry standard for secure communication of RFID readers and other devices with access control panels. With the introduction of the PCC485, Nedap’s reader portfolio for long-range RFID now fully supports the OSDP protocol, ensuring secure communications.

• The MACE Card is featured with smartcard technology (13.56 MHz). It ensures the use of one card for highly secure people identification using the MACE mobile access platform, which allows identification with the use of smartphones and can be used with any access control system. The platform consists of a cloud based server, readers and apps that support Bluetooth, NFC, smart cards and proximity cards. It is designed for situations that demand the highest levels of security, for both parking and building access control. Physical Mace MiFare Cards can be combined with Virtual Mace credentials using the existing Mace reader infrastructure.

• The Sensit Configuration Tool (right) makes the installation and commissioning of a smart parking platform easier than before, and can be used during installation of all Nedap’s Sensit products. Using the Android smartphone app and the handheld device, the Configuration Tool creates a CSV file that contains detailed information about the parking area, parking zone, parking bay, node/sensor ID, and GPS coordinates of all products in a deployment.

• The Sensit Display (above) is Nedap’s new smart IP-based 3-digit LED display that enables communication of parking availability for SENSIT installations of every size. It provides signage information of available parking spaces for standalone parking guidance installations. The display is designed for outdoor use, indicating the number of available parking spaces per parking lot, enabling motorists to quickly find and navigate to the nearest available space.


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