Four new radar sensors released for traffic applications


January has seen the launch of four new radar sensors for traffic and pedestrian monitoring applications from USA companies, with Minnesota-headquartered Image Sensing Systems Inc. (ISS) releasing one unit and three models from Kansas-based Ainstein.

As communities continue to flourish and grow, traffic and congestion levels increase on roadways, creating stress on infrastructure, impacting roadway safety and efficiency. In order to prevent congestion, delays, and potentially dangerous situations for drivers, transportation planners need accurate, reliable traffic data about the current conditions on their roadways. Due to their relative ease of deployment, usually without the need to dig up roads or disrupt traffic movement, radar-based sensors are becoming increasingly popular in the transportation engineering community.

A leading developer of above-ground detection technology for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industry, ISS has launched its next-generation radar unit, the RTMS Echo, which can be a key component in getting the data needed to provide drivers with safe, congestion-free roadways. The RTMS Echo radar is a powerful Internet of Things-ready (IoT) device that provides access to more actionable traffic data than many other radar units on the market. Installation of the RTMS unit is easy, with built-in aiming guidance, auto configuration of the sensor, and wireless management via smart device. The per-vehicle data accuracy of the RTMS Echo is industry-leading and can be easily formatted to deliver the insights needed to meet an agency’s objectives. RTMS technology provides insightful and reliable data maximising existing infrastructure and optimising the safety and efficiency of communities.

“The RTMS Echo creates traffic data that is an asset for roadway performance analysis rather than an obstacle,” said Seth Anderson, radar product manager at ISS. “Transportation professionals around the world make important decisions every day that impact the effectiveness of our complex, multi-modal transportations systems. With RTMS Echo, transportation professionals can be confident in the data-driven decisions they are making today, and into the future.”

Developer of intelligent radar systems, Ainstein has released a new line of radar modules specifically designed for use in static, fixed mounted applications such as traffic management, city surveillance, and security or access control. The company’s first Wayv family release includes three sensors:

  • Wayv Air, which is based on 60GHz radar sensing technology and features a compact form factor, low cost and power consumption. It is an ideal sensor for detecting and tracking people in both indoor and outdoor environments, such as at pedestrian crosswalks or parking facilities;
  • Wayv Lite and Wayv Pro are both mid- and long-range radar sensors with built-in high-performance radar processors and proprietary advanced radar processing algorithms that can reliably detect and track vehicles and pedestrians in challenging light and weather conditions. Wayv Lite and Wayv Pro are perfect candidates for street surveillance, intelligent traffic management, and other smart city related applications.

“We are continuously re-inventing how radar technology can be deployed to supplement and replace other technologies, as well as how it can enable new applications entirely,” said Andrew Boushie, Ainstein’s vice president of strategy and partnerships. “These new solutions break new ground in the performance of their respective functions. Our new Wayv IoT family features short-, mid-, and long-range sensors that enable users to track and analyse the flow of pedestrians and vehicles in a variety of situations.”

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