AI-based SDK to keep drivers informed of unexpected road hazards launched


Location data and platform services provider Here Technologies has announced the availability of its new Live Sense SDK (software development kit), which is designed to give drivers real-time insight of their driving environment and potential hazards ahead.

Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Here’s Live Sense SDK turns devices with front-facing cameras, such as smartphones, dashcams or integrated vehicle cameras, into highly intelligent sensors. By continuously scanning the driver’s environment, devices can then detect objects on the road, such as other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, roadside infrastructure such as traffic lights and road signs, and potential hazards such as potholes, road closures or construction zones. Live Sense benefits drivers with little or no safety technology, enabling them to stay informed, while minimizing attention diversion when they are driving.

Based on what has been detected ahead, the Live Sense SDK provides information through both audio and visual notifications, which will help the driver make an informed decision of which action needs to be taken next. All of this happens in real-time on the device itself, without the need for data processing in the cloud or for internet connectivity. The Live Sense SDK also has the ability to detect changes in reality versus the onboard map to keep drivers informed of a change in speed limit, for example. As an SDK which incorporates AI capabilities, Live Sense will enable Here’s customers to create multiple software applications for hardware devices.

The new Live Sense SDK uses multiple AI/ML detection models, including:

  • Road Basics – Detection and classification of objects on the road;
  • Road Alerts – Recognition and notification of braking vehicles, pedestrians and bicycle detection;
  • Road Hazards – Detection and classification of unexpected hazards along the way, with changing conditions, including road closures not yet detected on the map, construction zones and road works;
  • Road Signs – Detection and classification of speed limits and other signs.

As an SDK, these models can be implemented into an application or hardware device, providing customers with AI capabilities. The Live Sense SDK has been created to benefit all drivers and is available for automotive and hardware OEMs, fleet and ride hail operators and app developers. It is now available in beta mode for Android and will soon be available for the Apple iOS. In addition, Here is already working with customers on the first commercial implementations of the SDK.

“Driver safety is paramount in everything we do. Today there are still millions of commercial and passenger cars on the roads without the necessary technology to keep drivers informed about potential hazards. Our new Live Sense SDK will help to change that,” said Angel Mendez, chief operating officer at Here Technologies. “It detects objects, behavioral changes and road conditions that can lead to such situations and notifies drivers in time to take action.”

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